These five best-selling [beauty foods] do not make beauty beauty

Women love beauty. But with the growth of age, the supply of collagen cannot keep up with the loss, and the skin begins to appear unpleasant relaxation, roughness and wrinkles… … …

We Chinese believe that external transfer is not as good as internal transfer and lack collagen? Then let’s eat collagen ~

As a result, a series of beauty holy products have emerged: [peach gum, honeylocust, rice stewed tremella] [beauty pig trotters soup]…

Peach gum

Peach blossom is bright and beautiful, and everyone wants to be a beautiful woman with a face like peach and plum and a heart like rock. Peach gum is regarded as a holy beauty product in a treasure and a micro-merchant.

This transparent gelatinous substance, also known as [peach blossom tears], is actually secreted by peach trees in order to heal the wounds cut through bark. Its main component is soluble dietary fiber, and it also contains galactose, rhamnose and glucose.

These are all carbohydrates and have nothing to do with collagen, a protein.

Even in the ancient books and records of traditional Chinese medicine, the beauty effect of peach gum is not recorded at all.

Then why is peach gum sold as beauty food?

It turns out that peach gum condensed on fruit trees may attract insects and affect the harvest, so fruit growers took off peach gum and looked at it like QQ sugar, which can be used as medicine and food.

Since peach gum has the function of repairing bark, it may also have certain function of repairing face, so it has been hyped into beauty food.

Gleditsia chinensis

Gleditsia chinensis rice, which is often cooked with peach gum, is actually a staple food rich in carbohydrates and does not have the magical effect of promoting collagen production.

Gleditsia chinensis rice, as a staple food, has the same calories as rice. If you eat too much for beauty, you may [get fat before getting fat].

However, although it cannot beautify, honeylocust rice is rich in soluble dietary fiber, which is a bit like oats, so it is sticky when cooked. It is better to cook porridge with rice to relieve constipation.


Tremella is also sticky and has a [glue texture] when cooked. Many people think it is rich in collagen.

But in fact, collagen is only found in animal foods.

Like peach gum and honeylocust rice, tremella is also a plant and contains no collagen at all.

This viscous substance, called tremella polysaccharide, also belongs to soluble dietary fiber.

Some people say that this substance can resist inflammation and improve immunity, but these are all animal experiments or in vitro test data and have little reference significance.

Tremella polysaccharide water holding performance is very good, can be compared with hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). Drink some tremella soup in dry season, summer to a cup of iced tremella soup refreshing thirst, although can’t supplement collagen, but for supplementing water and soluble dietary fiber needed by the body, it is still helpful.

As for the online heat transfer [overnight tremella soup nitrite exceeding the standard will be poisoned], it is a complete rumor. Nitrite in tremella soup sealed and preserved at room temperature is less than 1% of the poisoned dose, so don’t worry at all, don’t scare yourself.

Fish glue

It seems that as long as it is [glue] food, it will be touted with various beauty effects.

Fish glue is actually the swim bladder, which is the auxiliary respiratory organ of fish. It is also called flower glue and fish maw. Generally, fish glue eaten directly is dried products of medium-sized marine fish, such as golden dragon fish, yellow croaker, eel, etc.

Different from the above-mentioned vegetable foods, fish glue does contain collagen, and swim bladder is often the raw material for industrial extraction of collagen.

However, eating collagen does not mean growing collagen!

Collagen in fish glue is a macromolecular substance and cannot be directly absorbed. It will be decomposed into amino acids and some polypeptides in the intestinal tract. In other words, the collagen eaten will not all run into the skin as expected.

Eating high-pressure fish glue, like eating eggs, will digest and decompose into amino acids, the [parts] of the body’s synthetic protein. Beauty is only a wishful thinking.

Pig’s trotters

Pig trotters should be regarded as the oldest [beauty food].

By the same token, although pig trotters contain collagen, once eaten and digested, it does not necessarily become collagen on the skin.

Moreover, pig’s trotters are rich in subcutaneous fat and amazing in calories. Even if eating pig’s trotters can beautify people, they may eventually become red-faced fat people…

We must tell you a cruel fact:

At present, there is no reliable research that can prove that eating collagen can beautify people (small-scale research sponsored by merchants does not count).

In other words, whether you eat fish glue, pig trotters, chicken feet, duck palms or expensive collagen health products, it may not be useful.