Three Unreliable Contraceptive Methods

Editor’s Note: Every year, September 26 is World Contraception Day. This is an international commemorative day, which aims to raise young people’s awareness of contraception, promote young people to make responsible choices about their sexual behavior and reproductive health, improve the rate of safe contraception, and improve the level of reproductive health education, thus promoting young people’s reproductive health and sexual health.

As long as women have sex, they have to face two choices: pregnancy and contraception.

However, no matter what kind of contraceptive method, the success rate of contraception is not 100%. Even the ligation with the highest success rate still has the possibility of natural recanalization, thus leading to contraceptive failure.

All contraceptive methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so there is no absolute advantage. If anyone can invent a contraceptive method with a success rate of 100% and no what damage to human body, then there is no doubt that he will definitely win the Nobel Prize.

It is precisely because any contraceptive method has the probability of failure that no matter which method you choose, as long as you have sex, there is the possibility of pregnancy, and only at that time can you use the remedial measure of abortion.

Although contraceptive methods have the possibility of failure, there are also reliable and unreliable points.

There are many so-called contraceptive methods, just like some dirty martial arts moves, which are of little use and are quite popular. Pick a few simple ones to talk about.

Again, the following methods are strongly not recommended and must not be imitated!

Safety period? Don’t forget it… … …

The so-called safe period is the non-ovulation period.

Ovulation is regulated and has periodic rules to follow. Generally, ovulation occurs 14 days before menstruation. If it is not the same sex during ovulation, it seems that pregnancy should not be allowed.

However, this idea is too naive. Ovarian regulation is not like Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center’s control of rocket launch. It is not bad for every minute. Who knows that hypothalamus and pituitary what are happy when they send a message to ovary, ovulate in advance or postpone ovulation, and they will not inform you.

Besides, after the egg is discharged, it does not mean that it will be absorbed immediately, there will be waiting time, and the sperm will not run out immediately, and they will also wait.

If you wait for such a third class and a second class, maybe both parties will wait, and your contraception will be a failure.

For those with irregular menstrual cycle, not to mention what’s safe period!

Therefore, the safe period is not safe. In the eyes of obstetricians and gynecologists, if you say that the contraceptive method is safe period contraception, it is basically equal to no contraception.

The safety period does not pit the father, it pit the mother!

Contraceptive failure index:

Errors Index:

Pit Niang Index:

Emergency contraceptives? It should not be used for routine contraception.

It is also a contraceptive pill. You should see clearly that it is quite different from oral short-acting contraceptives.

Oral short-acting contraceptives are taken orally one pill per day for 21 consecutive days as a cycle. Common contraceptives on the market are Marvelon, Mindinglian, Daying-35 and Yousiming. The emergency contraception pill is taken once after sex, and is commonly used in the market such as Yuting, Anting and Mifepristone.

Oral emergency contraception is only suitable for conventional contraception failure (such as condom falling off) or unwanted unprotected sex (such as rape), and is not suitable for conventional contraception.

This method not only has a high contraceptive failure rate, but also has obvious side effects due to the large dose of emergency contraceptives, and has a large adverse effect on menstruation, which can often cause menstrual disorders for several consecutive months.

Contraceptive failure index:

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Pit Niang Index:

Extracorporeal ejaculation… Can you see sperm?

This is not much to say, do you think contraception can be achieved without being shot into the vagina?

You just didn’t see the sperm go in. You underestimated the ability of sperm to swim too much! In the eyes of doctors, extracorporeal ejaculation is about equal to no contraception.

Contraceptive failure index:

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