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Fat Man’s Worry: Little Brother Short?

While China’s economy is developing at a high speed, Lifestyle and eating habits have also changed. China now faces the same difficult problem as developed countries in Europe and America: The incidence of obesity is rising. Too much doting on one’s children brings more troubles than obesity. Some parents find out when bathing their fat sons: Why does their children’s penis look so small? Is it true that fat people’s penis is shorter than thin people? Is there really no spring for fat people? The answer, of course, is no. Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen. Before explaining this question, I’d like to introduce three concepts to you: redundant foreskin, phimosis and concealed penis. What is [concealed penis]? I believe you will not be too unfamiliar with the first two, But little is known about the concealed penis. Let me explain these three concepts in a popular way. The foreskin is too long, Usually the foreskin of the penis completely covers the glans penis, Even in the event of an erection, The glans penis was not completely exposed, But we can flip the foreskin with our hands, Let the glans penis be exposed. The biggest difference between redundant foreskin and phimosis is that, The phimosis cannot be turned over by hand, The glans penis cannot be exposed. Children’s phimosis can be pinhole-like, When urinating, Urine can even bulge into small bags at the urethral orifice. The concealed penis is common in obese children. Short in appearance, The foreskin is hilly or conical, There are no problems such as dysuria, But because the penis is hidden under the skin, Often create the illusion of phimosis. In fact, The penis development of children with concealed penis is generally normal, But the root of the penis is often hidden in the anterior subcutaneous tissue of the pubic bone, That is to say, the position of the lower part of the [small belly]. Not all penis in the foreskin, The hidden part of the penis, Due to the limitation of the muscle fiber band in the lower abdominal wall, Can’t stretch forward. So, Concealed penis requires careful physical examination to confirm the diagnosis. If the difference between phimosis and concealed penis is not identified, However, if the concealed penis is treated as phimosis, the result will be that the problem of penis development restriction is not solved, but the foreskin is less and less, which will cause great difficulties for subsequent plastic surgery. Is the short penis of the fat man due to [concealed penis]? Now we can answer the question at the beginning of the article: The little brother of a fat man is not necessarily shorter than that of a thin man. We often see that, The fat man’s little brother seems to be smaller, This is mainly because there is a large amount of fat accumulation in the pubic mound and anterior pubic bone (that is, a little below the navel) of fat people. Bury the penis deep in it, when you push fat with your hands, you can see the whole picture of the penis. This kind of penis caused by fat accumulation cannot be exposed, which is clinically called [buried penis]. After such introduction, I believe everyone can distinguish these types. How treatment for penis dysplasia? Phimosis and concealed penis will affect the normal development of penis, the accumulation of prepuce scale will cause urethral orifice inflammation, urinary tract infection, chronic stimulation of prepuce scale can even induce the occurrence of penis cancer. Then the problem arises, when the children of their own family encounter the above situation, should what measures or treatment methods be taken? As infants grow older, the foreskin mouth will gradually become larger, and the foreskin will retreat upward to reveal the penis head, thus separating the foreskin from the penis head. 1. If the care for redundant foreskin is only redundant foreskin, it is not necessary to choose surgery, as long as it is opened and cleaned daily to keep the penis head clean. If there is slight inflammation, you can wash it with lotion-such as Fuyanjie. Yes, you are not wrong and washing is healthier. If inflammation is frequently caused, It is suggested to do surgical treatment after inflammation control. 2. The treatment of phimosis if it is phimosis, You can try the hand flip method: Pull the foreskin upward when bathing the child, Wash the penis head with warm water, Then try to turn the foreskin up again and again with a little force, In order not to cry. Clean the foreskin scale, Finally, the foreskin will be restored. Attention, Be gentle, Step by step, Don’t be too eager to turn over the foreskin. If you stick to this for a period of time, The narrow mouth of foreskin will gradually expand. After treatment by this method, phimosis can be gradually cured. If this method is ineffective, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for surgical treatment when often infected. 3. Treatment of concealed penis concealed penis is easy to cause inflammation of penis head, difficult to clean everted foreskin, and difficult to control penis when urinating. Children feel embarrassed and afraid of being seen by others, which will cause psychological burden. At the same time, the hidden penis of the child may affect the penis development, sexual function and fertility in the future. You should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Do not regard concealed penis as a simple phimosis. The treatment methods of the two are completely different. 4. [Treatment] If you are buried penis, please start to lose weight immediately so that your little brother can see the light of day again. Summarize, is the little brother of a fat man really shorter than that of a thin man? Seemingly a simple question leads to so many ways, I believe everyone should understand, When you encounter similar situations, you know. In the eyes of many people, [circumcision] is a very small operation, not seriously, feel almost to [circumcision]. In fact, otherwise, if there is no clear diagnosis, casually cut off the foreskin, [small] foreskin surgery may cause lifelong regret. Finally, if you still have questions, please go to a regular hospital.