To deal with chronic prostatitis, there is an examination that can both diagnose and treat it.

Editor’s Note: This is a true story. If there is a coincidence, it may be the friend around you.

I am a senior code farmer and a senior otaku. Apart from eating, sleeping and going to the toilet, I will sit in front of the computer every day.

I don’t remember from what, I feel that the lower part of the scrotum often feels distending pain and urinates more often, but the amount of urine each time is not too much. These symptoms have begun to affect my normal work and life. As a handsome and talented man, I realize that it is necessary to go to the hospital to have a look.

So I came to the hospital, and tactfully I hung up the expert number of an old professor with all white hair. When sitting outside in line, I found that most of the people around me were similar to me, and they were all bowing their heads to play with their mobile phones.

It’s finally my turn.

The old professor looked up and asked, “What’s wrong with the young man?”

I suddenly came to my senses and replied, “It’s a little uncomfortable below, even the place where the balls are a little swollen, a little painful, and it’s not good to urinate.”

As soon as the words fell, the old professor answered, “This kind of situation requires a routine examination of prostatic fluid. You should come to the dressing room.”

My mind secretly marveled: [Indeed, I have experience! In a word, we know the problem. It seems that there is no wrong number].

I followed the old professor to the dressing room. The old professor told me to take off my pants. I felt very embarrassed. He looked at my wriggle and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, young man, that’s what this examination requires.”

So I took off my outer pants and underpants, bent down and turned my back on the old professor. I saw him wearing a pair of rubber gloves and a little oil, and then said to me, “Don’t be nervous, relax, inhale deeply, I’m going to collect prostatic fluid now”.

At this time, I felt like fish on the chopping board and could only be slaughtered. I replied, “OK.”

I felt that his finger slipped in my anus. Before I could react, I felt that his finger slipped into my anus. This frightened me. I tightened my chrysanthemum. But he didn’t mean to stop. His finger pressed around in some part of my anus. Every time my finger exerted itself, I felt a little distending pain.

Is this the legendary [explosive chrysanthemum]? I was paranoid. At this time, I felt that I wanted to urinate. There seemed to be liquid flowing out of the urethra. Before long, I saw transparent liquid flowing out of [penis].

I saw the old doctor skillfully bring a piece of glass, dipped in some liquid that had just flowed out, and then said to me: “OK, you take this to the laboratory window, and when the test results come out, then show me the report.”

Before long, I got the result and saw several (+) signs on the report card. My sixth sense told me that this did not seem to be a good thing for what.

Returning to the clinic with the report, I pretended to be calm and asked the doctor, “Is my examination report okay?”

The old professor glanced at it and said, “No big problem, just a little prostatitis.”

When I heard the word prostatitis coming out of his mouth, I felt a little suffocated and my brain buzzed.

I went on to ask, pretending to be calm: “Can this disease be cured? I heard it is very difficult to cure?”

The old professor comforted me and said, “Young man, don’t sit and don’t exercise every day, go out for more exercise when you are free, don’t drink, and control masturbation, you know?” I’ll prescribe some more medicine for you.]

After hearing this, I quickly left the clinic with the doctor’s advice form in shame.

After that visit, I changed my previous working and living habits and followed the advice of the old professor. I sat less and moved more, did not stay up late and did not drink. Symptoms of prostatitis have never appeared again.

What do urologists say about prostate?

The prostate gland is commonly known as the [first gland] of men, and its strategic position can be seen. The prostatic fluid secreted by the prostate gland every day is the component of semen.

Therefore, it is closely related to reproduction.

Men of two ages are more likely to suffer from prostate diseases.

One is men over 55 years old, mainly prostatic hyperplasia, also known as prostatic hypertrophy, which is mainly manifested as frequent urination, urgent urination, increased nocturnal urination and dysuria.

Another age group is young men who are sexually active, and prostatitis is the most easily obtained.

The reputation of prostatitis has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through the publicity of radio and television stations. If you suspect prostatitis, you need to do the most common and routine examination-prostate massage to collect prostate fluid.

Normal prostatic fluid is a pale milky white liquid, and adult males can secrete about 0.5 ~ 2 mL per day.

Prostate massage is a routine method for collecting prostatic fluid.

1. Pre-prosecution

The day before the examination, it is best not to have sex. Because after the prostatic fluid is discharged, it may be difficult to obtain the prostatic fluid during massage.

2. During inspection

(1) Don’t be too nervous when undergoing examination. Excessive nervousness will contract the muscles of anus and make it more uncomfortable.

(2) People with long foreskin should turn up the foreskin and expose the urethral orifice. You can take deep breaths to help relax and tell the examining doctor not to exert too much force.

(3) It is better to relieve defecation and urination before examination;

(4) The feeling of prostate massage varies from person to person. Some people will feel more sensitive. If it is unbearable, they can tell the doctor to stop the examination.

3. After inspection

Generally, urologists collect prostate fluid through prostate massage, then drop it directly on the slide and immediately send it to the clinical laboratory for examination.

Doctors will judge whether there are diseases such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis or prostate tuberculosis according to the number of white blood cells, red blood cells and lecithin in prostatic fluid seen under the microscope.

Because prostate fluid will also be discharged out of the body with semen during each ejaculation, it is generally difficult to collect prostate fluid after ejaculation. It is generally recommended that prostate massage can be performed every 3-5 days for reexamination.

Prostate massage is sometimes a treatment

Many patients with chronic prostatitis, due to long-term inflammation, cause prostate gland duct drainage is not smooth, secretions are stasis in the gland, so it will cause frequent urination, poor urination, hesitation; Symptoms such as lumbosacral, perineal or small abdominal distension and discomfort will seriously affect the quality of life of patients.

At this time, the doctor may arrange the patient to be treated by regular prostate massage. This method helps to improve local blood circulation, promote the excretion of inflammatory secretions, and dredge the glandular ducts of the prostate, thus achieving the therapeutic purpose.

This method is especially suitable for unmarried young men, because they have no regular sex life, prostate gland is repeatedly hyperemia, prostate gland fluid excretion is not smooth. Each massage treatment is at least 3 days apart, massage 1 ~ 2 times a week. After the massage is completed, it is recommended that the patient urinate immediately, which can make the inflammatory secretion remaining in urethra excrete with urine.

Of course, not all prostate diseases are suitable for this treatment. Acute bacterial prostatitis, prostate tumor, prostate tuberculosis, abscess and other conditions, can’t do.

In short, prostate massage is one of the simplest and most extensive methods of diagnosis and treatment. Of course, if diagnosed as prostatitis, not only regular prostate massage is needed, but also other standardized treatments are needed, and attention should be paid to changing living habits.