To remove pesticide residues and oil stains? How many of the amazing uses of rice washing water are true?

Many young people may not know how difficult the living conditions were 20 to 30 years ago, but their parents saved their lives bit by bit.

Let’s say this water can save what’s level:

Turn on the public faucet slightly and connect a basin under it. The water for washing vegetables, face, hands and feet cannot be poured out. If you have saved enough dirty water for dragging the floor and dragging the floor, you can finally flush a toilet what … (Is it revealing your age)

In short, there must be many families that have kept this good habit of thrift.

At this time, some people have to say that < < rice washing water is a treasure, counting N amazing magic effects > >… that must not be poured out, not wasted, right?

But! Is there what in the rice washing water?

Only very, very little starch, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc. are dissolved out of the rice washing water, which is negligible and is essentially water with a water content of 99.99%.

With this sentence in mind, we can continue to clear the dark clouds and see the moon clearly.

Can rice washing water remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables?


Rice washing water cannot increase the friction on the surface of fruits and vegetables at all. It is not helpful to remove pesticide residues. It is only troublesome and wastes energy.

There are three useful methods: rinse with tap water for more than 30 seconds, or blanch with boiling water, or peel the fruit directly.

Can rice washing water nourish the stomach?


We can’t always think of some folk prescription for nourishing the stomach. By eating some what, we can turn the stomach into an iron wall and prevent all kinds of poisons from invading.

The stomach does not need to be nourished, it depends on [not doing]. Quitting smoking and drinking, eating regularly and paying attention to hygiene are better than anything else.

Can washing face with rice washing water rejuvenate skin?


The face can be washed, let’s forget it. Rice washing water is not fairy water. It is the key to protect skin and slow down aging to do a good job of sun protection and reduce dryness.

Can rice washing water wash hair black hair?


Rumor has it that the rice washing water will be fermented for a week before being washed… isn’t it smelly?

Ten thousand steps back, the potato skin can be brushed on the hair after the boiled water turns black, which can keep the color from fading for at least several minutes… The rice washing water is obviously white, is it not afraid of dyeing flowers?

Can rice washing water wash dishes and chopping boards taste?


No matter whether it is to remove oil stains or peculiar smell, where can it be compared with detergent? Not even a pot of hot water.

Rice washing water to remove formaldehyde and paint smell?


If the rice washing water is wiped, it will have no taste. In the newly decorated house, there is also an air purifier. Why should it be ventilated for several months?

Can rice washing water remove the musty smell of towels?


Either use detergent and disinfectant to wash towels well, or replace them with new towels.

Washing rice, washing clothes and decontaminating?


Clothes can be washed, just ask how many pots of rice washing water have to be saved to wash a piece of clothes. Not to mention saving a basin of rice washing water to flush the toilet.

In the end, you will find that this rice washing water may only be…

Water the flowers.

But whether the flower is dead or alive in the end depends on how much care you have taken to maintain it, doesn’t it?

Now the times are different. If we want to wash rice, we will not fail. If we can’t think of it, we will not fail. We really don’t give up a higher quality of life for these groundless [amazing effects].

Detergent, facial cleanser, moisturizing water, hair dye, laundry detergent, washing powder, disinfectant, air purifier, new towel, detergent… what can’t buy it?