To repel mosquitoes for the baby, the mother should do so.

In summer, mosquitoes disturb the baby and the baby cannot sleep well.

All those who have babies know that children’s adequate and stable sleep is the guarantee of their happiness and health. The swollen mosquito bag on the baby’s pink and tender skin is a small matter, but if the child cannot sleep with itching, cries in the middle of the night and loses his temper during the day, it is really helpless.

We understands the sufferings of Bao’s parents and comments on the mosquito repellent methods that everyone knows or does not know.

Let’s get started.

Unreliable Mosquito Repellent Method: Plant Mosquito Repellent

Many people are superstitious about [pure natural pollution-free] and want to give their children the best mosquito repellent. Of course, they choose plants.

Sorry, no matter whether we use local materials such as orange peel, mint, fennel and other strong-smelling [pure natural materials] or the real pure natural [mosquito repellent sachet] sold by merchants without addition, there is no substantial mosquito repellent effect.

They are ineffective, largely because mosquitoes are not afraid. Although a small number of plants contain mosquito repellent ingredients, they are emitted into the air in the room in a concentration too low to have any effect at all.

One of the Unreliable Mosquito Repellent Methods: Eating Vitamin B

There has always been a saying that mosquitoes do not like blood containing vitamin B1 and will not bite if they smell it.

Unfortunately, this assertion is wrong. Mosquitoes don’t care about the taste of vitamin B1 at all. Therefore, no matter eating vitamin B1 or applying vitamin B1 mosquito repellent on the skin, they can’t stop mosquitoes from loving blood.

What is more troublesome is that the anecdotal mosquito repellent dose of vitamin B1 is 100 times higher than the normal daily requirement of 1 ~ 1.5 mg, which may affect the absorption of other B vitamins and even the secretion of insulin and thyroxine. In short, it may be harmful to health.

Therefore, don’t repel mosquitoes by giving your child vitamin B1 tablets, and it is not recommended that you try it yourself.

One of the Unreliable Mosquito Repellent Methods: Mosquito Incense

In summer, there are news reports such as “inferior mosquito-repellent incense poisons the whole family”. You may wonder: when mosquito-repellent incense is lit, that is, it is smoky and choking, how can people be poisoned?

Because, inferior mosquito-repellent incense often contains DDT, 666 and other highly toxic insecticides, if you do not pay attention to ventilation when using this mosquito-repellent incense, it is easy to cause chronic poisoning, such as rhinitis symptoms, throat discomfort, dizziness, headache and other manifestations.

Then, is it okay to buy mosquito-repellent incense of good quality? Is it okay to buy electric mosquito-repellent incense or liquid mosquito-repellent incense?

Yes, of course you can use it if you don’t think it is too choking. Liquid mosquito-repellent incense and electric mosquito-repellent incense have no choking problem. If they have quality assurance, they can effectively repel mosquitoes under ventilated conditions.

However, if the room is more than 15 square meters, the concentration of mosquito repellent effective components will drop. At this time, whether it is disc mosquito-repellent incense, electric mosquito-repellent incense or liquid mosquito-repellent incense, it is useless.

One of the Unreliable Mosquito Repellent Methods: Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Can mosquito repellent bracelet repel mosquitoes? Yes, but it’s really not cost-effective.

If I told you that the mosquito repellent bracelet is only a bracelet coated with mosquito repellent, would you still think it is worth that price?

In contrast, mosquito repellent is much cheaper. However, the selection of mosquito repellent is especially exquisite.

One of the Reliable Mosquito Repellent Methods: Mosquito Repellent

As we said above, the mosquito repellent bracelet is effective only because of mosquito repellent. The effectiveness of mosquito repellent has indeed been proved, but we need to carefully select it when purchasing it, and there are many safety precautions when using it.

Step 1 Select healthy active ingredients

FDA and CDC recommend mosquito repellent products containing the following four substances:

    DEET; Mosquito repellent ester (IR3535, imonin); Ecaridin; Lemon eucalyptus leaf oil.

However, it must be noted that different ingredients are taboo for infants of different ages. Among them:

    Mosquito repellent with DEET component is prohibited under 2 months old; Mosquito repellent containing lemon eucalyptus leaf oil is forbidden under 3 years old. Mosquito repellent with a concentration of more than 30% of DEET component is prohibited under 12 years old.

Pregnant women can safely use these ingredients, which will not affect the fetus.

Step 2 Choose the appropriate concentration

Generally speaking, the higher the content of the above ingredients, the better the mosquito repellent effect and the longer the mosquito repellent duration-but as mentioned earlier, too high a concentration may be detrimental to children’s health.

Therefore, when purchasing, you must see clearly the concentration description in the instructions.

3. Proper use of mosquito repellent

    Use in what: You can use it when you need to take your baby out of the house. Where to spray/apply it: spray it on the parents’ hands first, and then apply it on the exposed legs, feet or arms of the baby where there is no wound; Don’t spray/apply where: Don’t touch eyes, ears or mouth, don’t apply it on hands, so as not to cause brain damage after eating, don’t apply it near or on wounds; How often is it appropriate to spray it: This needs to be based on the instructions of the corresponding products. Take the product with a concentration of 23.8% of DEET as an example, its effective time can last for 5 hours. Do not spray more and frequently in order to pursue the effect, and be careful of poisoning.

4. Attention to the Use of Mosquito Repellent

    Pregnant women can use mosquito repellent, which will not affect the fetus. Don’t spray inside the clothes, and wash the sprayed clothes. Return to the room from the outside and wash the sprayed place. Some mosquito repellent contains [permethrin], which can only be sprayed on clothes, not on skin. When not in use, put mosquito repellent out of reach of children.

One of the Reliable Mosquito Repellent Methods: Physical Blocking

As you may have noticed just now, mosquito repellent is used when [going out]. What about sleeping? If the room is especially large, it is useless to plug in the electric mosquito-repellent incense.

At this time, the most [primitive] method is really the most effective: we use screen windows and mosquito nets to isolate children from mosquitoes.

The sound of mosquitoes that cannot bite people is also irritating, and it is not difficult to solve this problem: outdoor mosquitoes are endless, but indoor mosquitoes can be eliminated clean:

    We can use fly swatters, electric mosquito swatters or electric mosquito devices to kill mosquitoes that accidentally break in. It is also important to avoid raising mosquitoes indoors: clean up aged water and take out garbage every day.

How about, have you mastered scientific mosquito repellent techniques? Why don’t you practice this?

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