Truth, can autumn pants weaken leg cold resistance genes?

Every winter, [autumn pants conspiracy theory] begins to spread wildly among friends, microblogs and major social media. The article [quotes] Soviet geneticist Lysenko’s words: [If a country wears autumn pants for 60 years, it is never possible to take them off again.] One of the important arguments is that autumn pants can weaken the cold resistance genes of legs.

Do autumn pants really have such magical functions?

First, let’s talk about [cold resistance gene]

The so-called [cold resistance gene], It is a group of genes discovered by geneticists from the University of Chicago and Cambridge respectively in Siberian aborigines. These genes do not require muscle movement or brain regulation to help the body directly convert stored fat into calories. In fact, everyone has the same set of genes, but Siberians have more enthusiasm for [cold resistance genes].

Each of us was born with only one set of [genetic codes]. In almost all somatic cells, there is no significant difference in this set of genes. Of course, there will be no weakening of the cold resistance genes only in the legs.

Can gene expression be changed within three generations?

The environment can indeed affect genes, not by forcing DNA sequence mutations, but by altering the expression of genes. This change is realized by methylation modification of DNA and can be passed on to offspring. However, the inheritance of parents’ gene expression has far less influence on offspring than the direct effect of environment.

Siberian [cold resistance gene] has higher enthusiasm, which is the genetic result of their tens of thousands of years of living and adapting to the environment in cold areas. This is the same as the evolutionary process of Europeans with high nose bridge and more body hair and Africans with short nose bridge and less body hair. It is by no means a great change within decades or hundreds of years.

If it is true as stated in the article, It is impossible for a nation to take off its autumn trousers after wearing them for 60 years, so after a family has circumcised three generations of foreskin, the baby born should no longer have redundant foreskin. However, the real situation is that [circumcision] has lasted for thousands of years in many western countries, and there are still a large number of babies with redundant foreskin, which needs the [sacred knife].

Can cold tolerance be cultivated the day after tomorrow?

Natural genotypes determine the range of your cold tolerance, which can be said to be limited to everyone. However, cold tolerance can also be cultivated day after day, such as winter swimming, which is the best example of enhancing cold tolerance through exercise.

Through scientific adaptation and exercise, the body’s ability to regulate body temperature will be enhanced, not only can be more resistant to cold, but also can be more resistant to heat. If you start to add clothes slowly from autumn every year, stick to physical exercise, or take a cold bath step by step, in a few months, you will find that the cold-resistant [small universe] will erupt in an all-round way.

After the students in the north got used to the unheated south, Usually you will find that you have made a qualitative leap in your ability to adapt to the cold. However, once students in the south get used to the heating in the north, I will also sigh with emotion that winter in the south is simply not suitable for human survival. This change has nothing to do with whether your parents wear long Johns or not. Even if your family wears long Johns for generations, you can also make yourself more cold-resistant through exercise, but it is unrealistic to break through genetic differences and reach the level of Siberian aborigines.

As a friendly reminder, not everyone is suitable for cold-resistant training. For example, people with cardiovascular diseases and chronic respiratory diseases are safer to enjoy warmth.

A sister said that the article on “conspiracy theory of autumn pants” was to deal with “your mother thinks you are cold”. It is better to be cautious. If the old lady is scared from wearing autumn pants and gets sick from the cold, it will do more harm than good.

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