Truth, can the hotel towel be used?

There was once an article entitled “A Family Traveling to Open a House All Infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases!” ] article went crazy on WeChat circle of friends. It tells the story of a family who contracted condyloma acuminatum because they checked in outside the hotel and used towels used by hotel guests.

Condyloma acuminatum! What a shocking word, immediately let a person think of the strange meat cauliflower growing on the genitals, go to the hospital laser burning off, will grow out again, it is desperate.

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Moreover, it is really terrible to have sexually transmitted diseases at the age of 3.

Do all the readers feel angry from their hearts and evil is growing at the edge of their bravery, hoping to find out the hotel owner immediately and beat him violently before relieving their hatred?

However,After continuing to see the news pictures, we will find that they are actually suffering from herpes zoster.

Is it possible for hotel towels to spread condyloma acuminatum? The answer is, the possibility is very slim!

Is what condyloma acuminatum?

Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which is mainly transmitted through sexual behavior and is highly infectious. In addition to sexual behavior, it may also be transmitted through mother and infant, close contact, towel sharing and other ways.

The key to the spread of these ways of close contact and sharing towels lies in whether there is a crevasse in the skin.

Generally speaking, condyloma acuminatum does not run everywhere, but grows around the genitals. If the patient’s sexual behavior has what patterns, what kind of [fancy symptoms] will he have?

For example, it grows in the mouth (you know), around the anus (you know), on the feet… Therefore, if it is not through sexual behavior, but through other channels, such as sharing hotel towels, it will only be infected if your skin has a crevasse, otherwise the probability is very small.

Normal sterilized towels will not spread condyloma acuminatum.

The pathogen of condyloma acuminatum, human papilloma virus (HPV), is a DNA virus. Without envelope, ultraviolet rays or 75% alcohol are not effective in killing it.

However, the thermal disinfection effect is pulled out, and it can be inactivated after heating to 56 ā„ƒ for 30 minutes.

All hotels that have disinfected towels one by one should not spread condyloma acuminatum with their towels and sheets.

Because the towel disinfection cabinet currently on the market has a thermal insulation range of about 55 ~ 65 ā„ƒ, and the high temperature can be adjusted to 100 ā„ƒ.

Will the hospital’s hospital gown be contagious?

If, like hospitals, common surgical clothes, hand washing clothes and hospital gown are sterilized at high temperature and pressure, it is even less likely to spread.The protein of the virus has already denatured.

A patient once said that he got condyloma acuminatum because he wore the hospital gown worn by others during his hospitalization. This is a typical cheating. He didn’t wipe his mouth clean and was afraid of his wife’s anger. He had to rely on the head of the hospital. He didn’t know that the hospital gown sterilized by high pressure would never spread sexually transmitted diseases.

In fact, as a dermatologist, [I’m not messing with you! I am tired of listening to these words: dirty towels/not thoroughly exposed sheets/too hot bath water…] I am tired of hearing them.

The reason why sexually transmitted diseases are called sexually transmitted diseases is not that they cannot be transmitted through channels other than sexual behavior, but that other channels are really very rare.

The most common route of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is unclean sexual intercourse.

Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that towels from regular disinfection hotels will be infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

However, if you have to live in a small hotel that looks dirty and use towels that you don’t know if they have been sterilized, then I can’t help you either.