Truth, is holding your fart harmful to your health?

There are many interesting things about [fart]. Dr. Clove said a few casually, which you may not know.

Do you know? People fart up to 14 times a day on average, with a total volume of 500 milliliters!

Do you know? The instantaneous speed at which a fart rushes out of the anus can reach 11km/h, which is almost the speed of an ordinary bicycle!

Do you know? Living people fart, and some people fart after death!

… …

This time Dr. Clove will also tell you about the [fart] things that are related to health and even life.

Smelly fart, loud fart, what problem?

The composition of fart is very complex, mainly odorless gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen, as well as trace gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, indole, fecal odor, volatile amine and volatile fatty acid.

Odor-free gases are responsible for [much], while trace gases are responsible for [odor].

Most farts (note, not all) are by-products of the food digestion stage. That is, the food you eat will be [enjoyed] by the intestinal flora in your body, which produces the above gases.

This fart made from intestinal flora is generally small in quantity and low in sound, but its smell is usually very strong and sometimes close to disaster.

[Smelly Fart] Reflects Problems:

Food rich in protein, such as all kinds of meat, beans and bean products, milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts, eat too much.

There is also a kind of fart, which is formed by people swallowing air into the body unconsciously. The taste is fresh and meaningful (I don’t believe you smell it). Unfortunately, it is often large in quantity and easy to [boh! ] with a sound, shocked four.

The problem reflected by [fart]:

Eat too fast and eat too many foods rich in carbohydrates, such as rice, noodles, bread, cakes, biscuits, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, fruits, etc.

Fart out of the anus does not return, but left crisp sound and snicker.

In addition to advising you to pay attention to adjusting your diet structure, in many cases, in order to avoid embarrassment, you have to hold this [fart] tightly.

However, miraculously, after a burst of abdominal distension or even stuffy pain, you are surprised to feel that the fart seems to have disappeared…

Hold your fart, where is it?

The green hills cannot be covered, after all, they flow eastward.

After the gas produced in the human digestive system has accumulated to a certain extent, it is necessary to find an outlet anyway.

For example, [hiccups]. When people are talking, chewing gum and eating too fast, they often swallow a large amount of air without knowing it. After the air accumulates to a certain extent in the stomach, it becomes a hiccup, which naturally rushes upward out of the mouth and cannot help it.

When you hold your fart, it will be absorbed into the blood by the intestinal wall for a period of time, so the air pressure in the intestinal tract will disappear, and you will feel relaxed in the intestinal tract. However, the fart does not disappear, it just enters the whole body circulation with the blood, then the fart reaches the liver, will be filtered by the liver, and then reaches the lungs.

Finally, farts will be spit out of the body with breathing.

You may ask: Does the gas vomited like this smell of fart?

If it is a fart dominated by odorless gas, the problem is not big. However, if it is a smelly fart, it may really mingle with your tone and make people realize how you [talk like fart] today.

In the case of being alone, fart is of course [unbearable and unbearable], but in public places or some solemn social occasions, when one has the feeling of farting, a very realistic problem comes:

Is it holding or not holding?

Will [holding your fart] affect your health?

It is generally unlikely to cause serious health consequences due to fart holding, but it is better not to turn [fart holding] into a natural habit.

Fart holding usually does not bring serious consequences, but it still leads to abdominal flatulence, pain, and sometimes even digestive tract symptoms such as heartburn.

In addition, the process of suppressing itself is a great mental stress, which may also cause blood pressure and heart rate to rise, indirectly damaging health.

Never try to play what, causing double discomfort to your physiology and psychology. It is not worth it.

Finally, when I think of a movie theme song that is well received in the world, I feel as if it is just to make everyone enjoy farting gracefully:

Let it go! Let it go! -Let it go! Just let it go! Because can’t hold it back anymore!