Truth, Shampoo Shot in Ten Thousand Years

Shampoo contains silicone oil, which affects hair breathing and is highly toxic. This kind of remark is almost the content that friends can see all kinds of marketing numbers in order to cheat people once every month. But in fact, such things as allowing hair to breathe freely, giving it full nourishment and making it more beautiful really only exist in advertisements.

First of all, it is very painful to tell everyone that there are no living what cells in the hair outside the scalp.

In fact, the hair outside the scalp is made up of three layers. From the outside to the inside, there are epidermis (which is often mentioned as hair scales), cortex and medulla. You can imagine hair as a fish. The epidermis is the scale outside, the cortex is the middle layer of meat, and the medulla is the bone inside.

The epidermis will be damaged under such conditions as alkaline environment and friction, and the hair surface will no longer be smooth and the hair quality will deteriorate.

At this time, the brothers who need [polydimethylsiloxane] will sell it. Of course, he also has many names, silicone oil and silicone spirit. It will adhere to the epidermis to ensure the surface of the epidermis is smoother, so that the hair will look more beautiful on the macro level.

Then the question arises, will this thing affect hair breathing?

Of course not. It has already been said above that silicone oil adheres to the hair, which makes the hair better.

Then the question arises again. Will this thing block hair follicles and lead to hair or scalp lesions?

The answer is no. Since the 1970s, silicone oil has been resident in shampoo, but there have been no cases of allergy or alopecia caused by it.

In addition to silicone oil, there are also some horrible names in shampoo, such as diethanolamine, triethanolamine, mineral oil, sodium chloride, polyethylene/polyethylene glycol…

[Alcohol] This ingredient claims to contain it, which will lead to poor hair quality. However, shampoo manufacturers do not do one-shot business. If you use it once, your hair quality will deteriorate. How can you use it again?

Sodium lauryl sulfate, p-hydroxybenzoate, They are also commonly used substances. They are also often mentioned as [bad people]. In fact, these ingredients are basically common in all countries. The dosage used can not only ensure that they work, but also be safe enough for human body. There is a famous saying that if you leave the dosage to talk about harm, you are playing rascal. Eating too much salt will kill people, but no one can cook without it.

As a matter of fact, this kind of circle of friends is entirely to cheat, forward and cheat you to pay attention to him. The content is patchwork, and the other warning content it generates is not credible.