Uncle unexpectedly fell into the railway station security check device! Will the radiation he received damage his health?

Recently, a big uncle startled the police at the police station of Anhui Jinzhai Railway Station.

On that day, when the big ye passed the security check, he fell on the track of the security check machine and walked through the security check machine because he did not stand firm when putting his bag.

Luckily, the uncle was not injured. But in the comment area under the news, some people were worried:

After all this ordeal, will the uncle be exposed to radiation? Is it harmful to health?

Security check instrument, like medical X-ray machine, uses X-ray irradiation to obtain the internal structure image of the detected object. However, the radiation dose of security check instrument is much smaller than that of medical X-ray diagnosis.

Looking at this comparison, old friends should be able to have a perceptual understanding.

According to the national standard, the single examination dose of the X-ray security check instrument should not be greater than 5 µ Gy, and the actual measured radiation amount is much smaller than this value. However, the radiation dose for a medical chest X-ray examination is 50 µ Gy.

At present, it is clearly believed that the probability of cancer in human body will increase significantly only if it is exposed to more than 100 mGy (2,000 times the dose of X-ray chest film).

Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about the health of the big ye.

All kinds of statements about radiation hazards, true or false, often make people panic. Dr. Clove wants to take advantage of this news opportunity to talk about this matter, so that everyone can have a correct understanding of [radiation] and reduce unnecessary worries.

Radiation can be divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

In order to facilitate understanding, it can be imagined that those with large energy and strong power are called ionizing radiation, while those with small energy and weak power are called non-ionizing radiation.

The so-called [power] here can be simply understood as the ability to ionize matter. If the chemical bonds on molecular atoms in human body are destroyed by ionization, it will cause health problems.

Are there any harmful ionizing radiation in the following products or operations?

Mobile Phone



Microwave oven

Hair dryer


Magnetic resonance MRI







All right

The answer is

The above article or operation









Therefore, rest assured that the above-mentioned products are safe as long as they are of qualified quality. There is no need to worry about [carcinogenic risk] and it is good to use them at ease.

In everyday life

Possible exposure to [ionizing radiation]

What is the situation?


Go through security check

Take X-rays

Do a CT scan

However, in order to cause damage to human body, ionizing radiation must reach a certain dose, which is called [threshold].

The radiation received by human beings, if below the threshold dose, is regarded as not harmful to human body; The more the threshold is exceeded, the higher the severity of the harm.

In the process of medical examination or security check, the use of X-rays is strictly controlled within a safe range, far less than the threshold, so it will not cause obvious damage to the human body. Remind everyone, doctors will only suggest to do relevant examinations when necessary, which is the result of weighing the pros and cons, and never refuse necessary examinations because they are afraid of radiation.

When flying at high altitude, the absorbed cosmic rays are relatively increased, which will indeed increase the radiation exposure, but even if it is increased, the dose is far less than the threshold, so you can rest assured.

To sum up:

There are few ionizing radiation harmful to health in electrical appliances and so on that come into contact with in daily life. There is no need to worry too much about radiation.

If you hear anyone mention such a statement again, you can send this article to him for a look. Only by treating rumors with a scientific attitude can unnecessary panic be reduced.