Uric acid is high, what should I do?

Don’t be nervous, don’t be afraid, when we get more familiar with strange things, we will be suddenly enlightened and the feeling of nervousness will disappear. Next, I will introduce hyperuricemia to patients’ friends. Why is uric acid high? If the human body is compared to a factory, Uric acid is like waste from industrial production. How much garbage is piled up in the factory, There are no more than two factors: The rate of waste generation, As well as the speed of garbage disposal. Uric acid is produced from two sources: exogenous and endogenous: Exogenous uric acid is decomposed from purines and the like in food. Eating foods with high purine content, Such as animal viscera, seafood, chicken, duck, fish, mushrooms, laver, Will raise the blood uric acid concentration. In addition, Drinking alcohol, especially long-term drinking of beer, It is also the reason for the increase of blood uric acid. Endogenous uric acid is produced by human metabolism. In addition to the aging and decomposition of normal cells, There are some diseases such as malignant tumor diseases, During radiotherapy and chemotherapy, The mass destruction and decomposition of tumor cells, It will also lead to a sharp rise in endogenous uric acid levels. Generally speaking, About 2/3 of the blood uric acid comes from endogenous sources. The disposal speed of waste is also an important reason for affecting the concentration of blood uric acid. Kidney is an important [garbage] disposal system of human body. About 2/3 of the blood uric acid is excreted from the human body through the kidney. Therefore, when the kidney function decreases due to kidney diseases, the [garbage] of uric acid will slowly pile up more and more in the body, and the blood uric acid concentration will also rise accordingly. What if uric acid is high? When managing money, in order to increase the amount of deposits, There is a classic four-character financial management policy-[increasing revenue and cutting expenditure]. In order to reduce the generation of [garbage], You can do the opposite, It is [cutting off the source and opening up the flow]. Explained, Is to minimize the production of blood uric acid and promote the excretion of uric acid. In terms of saving sources, It is easier for us to reduce the production of exogenous uric acid. Although this factor accounts for only 1/3 of the production of blood uric acid, However, eat less food with high nucleotide content such as animal viscera and seafood, It is still of certain significance to reduce the blood uric acid value. [Opening] aspect, we understand that the increase of urine pH value can increase the solubility of uric acid, therefore, alkalized urine is conducive to the excretion of uric acid. In addition, the use of some drugs can realize [opening] by inhibiting the reabsorption of uric acid by renal tubules or increasing the filtration of uric acid by glomeruli.