Vaginal relaxation, do you want [tight]?

If someone hadn’t cared too much, I wouldn’t have talked about this topic, because patients who encounter similar problems clinically are usually postmenopausal women and few young women.

Why do so many young women care about this problem that should not have occurred at their age?

Many people pay attention to this problem because of the overwhelming number of small advertisements on the Internet. From [Yin-reducing pills] to [Yin-reducing surgery], they are all instilling information similar to [the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious because the woman is “too loose”].

This has led more and more young women to pay attention to this problem, and some will take measures such as drugs, props and even surgery.

Let’s talk about this topic, so that everyone can correctly and objectively understand [vaginal relaxation].

[Vaginal Relaxation] Is It what?

Speaking of this problem, you may be disappointed. The new edition of the textbook “Obstetrics and Gynecology” does not contain a disease that everyone attaches so much importance to.