Weekly Chronicle of Pregnancy (17): Mistakes about Constipation during Pregnancy

After Dr. Tian knew that I was pregnant, one of the most worrying things was constipation. Why are you worried about this? It was a really funny experience to say it. Constipation, It can also be brought to the emergency before pregnancy, One day off, Miss Zhou, who has been working overtime for a week in a row, is at home. Leisurely reading and drinking tea. Suddenly I felt a strange pain under my stomach-the pain was very deep. Associated with radiation pain in back, clavicle and other parts, How to change the body position can’t relieve. Since I have had some problems with my gallbladder before, Dr. Tian, who was working overtime in his unit, immediately asked for leave and returned home. Pick me up to the emergency for examination. Inquiry, physical examination, examination, payment, blood test, X-ray… After a flurry between the emergency department and various examination rooms, I finally lay on the examination bed in the ultrasound room. Beside the bed, the doctor looked at the screen with a full face of doubts, while communicating with colleagues: How can the intestines basically not move? Why are you so angry? The doctor turned to me and asked me, “haven’t defecated in a few days?” [Two… three days… no, it seems to be five days.] I was so painful that I couldn’t even speak clearly. The doctor said helplessly to Dr. Tian, “Your daughter-in-law’s intestines are full of stool, and she is also suffering from severe flatulence. Can it not hurt?” However, fortunately, the intestines still have slow peristalsis, and if it is more serious, it will be in trouble if it becomes intestinal obstruction.] At this time, the results of the X-ray film also came out. The upper abdomen of the film was full of gray circles-the intestines were full of swelling gas. This time the earth-shattering abdominal pain turned out to be [constipation]. To put it bluntly, it is [suppressed by excrement]. [Do you think it is funny? Not only will excrement hold back the disease, It may also hold back her life. Especially for expectant mothers like you.] Every time Miss Zhou has no heart or lungs, Dr. Tian can always come up with some scientific principles to spoil people’s interest. Dr. Gao Hui also told me: ten pregnancies and nine hemorrhoids. Constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy may form a vicious circle, making both more and more serious, which is also one of the important reasons affecting the mood during pregnancy. Why are pregnant women more prone to constipation? I found that my constipation worsened soon after I became pregnant. Why is this so? It turns out that hormone is the number one [culprit] of constipation during pregnancy: constipation may become more serious in the third trimester of pregnancy: [seriousness] is a good medicine. What about constipation during pregnancy? I firmly believe that [there are always more ways than problems], At this time, I believe more, One cannot let excrement suffocate to death. So I joined Dr. Tian. Show the rigorous spirit of scientific research, Carefully analyze the problem, Trying to find a solution. This first problem, It’s just [not taking a shit seriously]. Don’t laugh, There must be a lot of people here. For example, I always like to get a book or bring a cell phone in when I go to the bathroom. Just got on the toilet, I opened the book or clicked on the mobile phone screen, and in an unguarded moment, 15 minutes and 20 minutes passed. The book was read for a chapter or two, and the circle of friends [reviewed] it again. The public number that I didn’t have time to read at ordinary times was basically scanned … But I just forgot the serious thing, pretended to make hard, and found that I had already [no meaning at all], so I had to give up. Can this pull the shit well? So in pregnancy, I will take the initiative, Turn over a new leaf. So later, Every time I go to the bathroom, I refrain from going to it. Take only one heart, Go in without half a cell phone. Sit on the toilet, Just concentrate on it, Concentrate on it, Complete the task efficiently. Seriously speaking, If you don’t take a shit seriously, It has almost become a common fault of many people. Therefore, Nothing is difficult in the world, I’m afraid there are people with [hearts]. Not only me, Later, many sisters came to consult the solution to constipation during pregnancy, In my suggestion, After taking it seriously, Most of the conditions have been significantly improved. In addition to [mind therapy], those [pits] of constipation during pregnancy, I have also been sticking to some [routine practices] to solve constipation during pregnancy, such as drinking more water, dietary fiber and exercising to defecate regularly. Most of the time, they can work. Of course, sometimes [failure] is inevitable. Sometimes I ask Dr. Tian: I have used all kinds of methods today, but why didn’t I defecate smoothly? Dr Tin said: [Not pulling for a day does not call constipation, Three to five days don’t pull, every time pull very painful, can be constipation. What’s more, you are pregnant, a little slight constipation is normal.] So sometimes there may be a problem with the standard. In addition to these, there are many pits to deal with constipation. The first pit-superstitious bananas I eat three bananas a day on average these two days, why still can’t pull out? The second pit-superstitious honey constipation, go to soak a cup of honey water to drink! The third pit-superstitious bean products is said to contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can improve constipation. Therefore, I get up early every day to drink a cup of soybean milk these days. How can I feel worse and worse? Severe constipation during pregnancy, you can also take medicine. After Miss Zhou repeatedly and unreliably tried [dietotherapy] to solve constipation, Dr. Tian finally couldn’t help asking me: “Where did you come from all these unreliable tricks? [Searched on the Internet! ] I know a little that I am wrong, so I quickly add that [my stomach is obviously good these days, and constipation is getting more and more serious, so I am in a hurry! [what is in a hurry. It’s really serious and you can still take medicine! ] Dr. Tian is as calm as ever. Therefore, I went to see a doctor. Cui Peilin, deputy chief physician of the digestive department of Tiantan Hospital, asked some questions and ruled out other causes of constipation. In view of the key word [pregnancy], he opened a box of lactulose for me. Hey, can you still take laxatives during pregnancy? However, laxatives are not casually taken. Dr. Cui urged that the first thing to do is to rule out other causes of constipation so as not to delay the illness. There are also some drugs that pregnant women cannot eat. With lactulose prescribed by Dr. Cui, Miss Zhou rejoiced and returned home, and the results of the drug test were also gratifying.