Weekly Chronicle of Pregnancy (19): Pregnant women catch a cold, do they take medicine or resist it?

Pregnant 34 weeks, cold!

Although I was extremely careful, I was still unfortunately caught.

What should I do?

The common cold is mainly on [carried]

If this is in normal times, unless it is influenza, for this common cold, I will not hesitate to choose [carry], because the cold is really [take medicine for two weeks, not take medicine for 14 days].

But the question is, now that I am pregnant and have more meat in my stomach, can I be the same as usual?

Every day my nose is stuffy and I can’t breathe. I cough from time to time and my stomach is shaking. Otherwise, the sound of sneezing can frighten me… won’t the baby [feel the same way]? Do you want to take a medicine to relieve the symptoms?

As a result, I ran to my circle of friends with sneezing and tears and snot. As a result, I attracted a lot of expected strong dissuasion, [don’t take medicine, hold on! ] [Taking medicine is not good for children, you must not take it! ]

Even Dr. Tian, after listening to my strong nasal complaints, said lightly: “Carry it, take what medicine!” ]

As a doctor’s family member, I boast that I have long understood the reason why I can take medicine during pregnancy. But why, as a medical doctor, did I say that I [carried] not to take medicine?

Dr. Tian said: [People let you carry it, basically they are afraid that taking medicine is not good for the fetus; I let you carry it because you have a simple common cold and there is no need to take medicine at all.]

The common cold, commonly known as [cold], is a kind of acute upper respiratory tract infection, which can be cured in 5-7 days without other complications. It is usually caused by viruses, and most viruses have no specific drugs to treat. A few are caused by bacteria or complicated with bacterial infection, but as long as there is no more serious progress, there is no need to take medicine.

Pregnant, take medicine or be careful

However, Miss Zhou still refused to give up.

Miss Zhou stressed the particularity of the situation: [But if you are pregnant and don’t take medicine to make it better as soon as possible, won’t it endanger the safety of the baby? ].

Dr. Tian said calmly: “A common cold, without fever or other diseases, will not be harmful to the baby. No matter whether you go to obstetrics and gynecology or respiratory department, as long as you have a common cold, people will basically let you go home and continue to carry it!” ]

[But I’m really sick.] Miss Zhou stressed the seriousness of the situation: [Can’t you take some antibiotics to relieve it? ]

[If you feel very uncomfortable, you shouldn’t take antibiotics either. It’s not right at all.]

Dr. Tian explained: