Weekly Chronicle of Pregnancy (8): Buy some what to welcome the baby’s birth?

During pregnancy, Miss Zhou got a disease called [worried that the baby’s things were not ready enough]. The main symptom was to keep thinking about the need for what after the baby was born. As soon as she thought about it, she immediately went to all major e-commerce platforms to search and bought them all home and hoarded them. If you encounter such discounts as double 11 and Mother’s Day, the enthusiasm for hoarding goods is even higher exponentially… Of course, the harm of this disease is also obvious: only after the baby was born did you find that many things were bought too much, many things were useless, and many things could be bought before the baby was born.

Believe this kind of disease, every expectant mother has, but the symptoms are different. Today, the girl will tell you how to treat this disease with the history of chopping hands and blood and tears, and what things need to be hoarded.

Rations Related

Milk powder

I’m not sure if I can do exclusive breast milk, so I prepared milk powder in advance. On the basis of consulting many dairy experts, the girl chose a famous domestic brand for the baby. Because I don’t worry about not being able to buy it, I only prepared a can of 400 grams, about 200 yuan, even if the baby doesn’t eat milk powder, it’s not a waste.

Sure enough, I became a [cow] after delivery. Not only can the baby be exclusively breast-fed, but also more milk can be given to relatives and friends.

Feeding bottle

Even if it is exclusive breast milk, the mother needs to squeeze out the milk to be fed to the baby by the family when she goes out, so she still prepares the milk bottle.

I feel that there is no need to be too tangled on the problem of materials. Plastic and glass have been used, as long as they are qualified products from regular manufacturers. Don’t buy more, prepare one or two first, look at the baby’s adaptation after birth, it is good to buy again if it is not enough, and you can change the brand if you don’t like it. If you use a milk warmer, pay attention to ensure that the size of the bottle you bought can be put in.

Bottle Brush, Bottle Cleaner

Regular manufacturers can. Bottle brushes are convenient for you to use. The bottle will be very oily, so the bottle cleaner is still needed, and try not to replace it with ordinary detergent.

Milk Warmer, Sterilizer, Bottle Rack

Not necessary, but it does provide convenience.

Warm milk can put the milk in the bottle and then soak the bottle with hot water. Disinfection can use ordinary pots to boil bottles; The bottle rack can be solved by using a tableware water control rack or inserting a chopstick into a bottle.

The advantage of the milk warmer is that the temperature is more accurate. It can also heat the milk in advance and control the temperature to keep the temperature constant before the baby wakes up. The advantage of the disinfection pot is that it is not necessary to find a special non-greasy pot to cook every day, and the disinfection pot with its own drying function is more convenient.

Vitamin D3

The baby needs to be supplemented with 400 IU of vitamin D3 every day 15 days after birth. Usually, it can be taken from the hospital when discharged from the hospital. It is very convenient to buy domestic ones in pharmacies, while it is easy to buy famous foreign brands online.

Girl, I hoarded a little before I gave birth. In fact, I bought it when the baby was born. It was completely in time.

Calcium agent

After consulting the literature, it was found that under normal circumstances the baby did not need to supplement calcium, so he did not buy it. It was not until the child’s full moon physical examination found that the anterior fontanelle was too large and the head circumference was too large that the doctor asked for calcium supplement that he bought calcium from the hospital according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Wear Travel Related

Diaper diaper

Hoarding diapers must not be wrong. According to the latest parenting theory, don’t put excrement to urine too early, to wait until the baby has defecation consciousness after defecation training. In this way, diapers should be used at least 1 year old or even 2 or 3 years old, so hoarding some is still cost-effective.

However, the size should be selected. Don’t hoard too many NB and S sizes. Zhou Girl’s baby, NB and S can’t wear them after three weeks each. M and L sizes are often used for a long time. On the other hand, it is not wrong to hoard two or three packs of all sizes.

Wet wipes

Baby-only. Butt wipes should be cleaned from birth. It is recommended to hoard them, but don’t hoard them too much. Wet wipes will dry after a long period of time. Hand and mouth wipes are useless at first, and it is recommended not to hoard them.

Hip Cream

Every time you change diapers, you can apply them to prevent red buttocks. Before birth, it is suggested to buy a small one. In case the baby does not adapt, you need to change the brand, which will not be wasted. After finding the most suitable brand for the baby, you can take advantage of the discount to buy some, because hip cream should be used to stop diapers for the baby.

Nursing desk, diaper desk

Not necessary, but it is still recommended to buy if conditions permit, especially for mothers with lumbago during pregnancy and postpartum, who can [spend money without guilt].

No matter the kind of car that pushes or a plate rack on a small bed, it can let you finish the activities of dressing, changing diapers and nursing after bathing for your baby with almost no bending over.

Baby Clothes

Newborns generally wear monk clothes on their upper body, i.e. Clothes with large lapels and straps. Unless it is cold and unheated winter in the south, newborns generally do not need to wear trousers.

Don’t buy too many clothes for newborns. The baby grew up very fast in the early stage, and the small clothes couldn’t be worn in a few weeks. Girl, I am all used clothes from my best friend’s baby, totaling 3 or 4 pieces, which is enough.


The baby needs to be carried out to play before 3 months, and can be used as quilt or blanket after 3 months. According to the season, one or two are enough first. With growth and seasonal changes, add them when needed.

Saliva towel/gauze

Miss Zhou prepared 10 bamboo fiber gauze for the baby, about 60cm square. When I was born, I used it as a pillow towel, when I was nursing, I used it as a saliva towel, and when I spit milk, I used it as a towel wipe. It is said that those who are not willing to use diapers can also be used as diapers… In short, universal artifact.


Some hospitals require the hat for the newborn to be brought into the delivery room and brought to the baby after birth. I used it from my best friend’s house and never brought it again after birth.

It is recommended to buy a wide-brimmed sun hat, which is windproof, rainproof and sun-proof when going out. There is no need to hoard goods in a hurry. It is too late to buy it when needed.


Buy it when you need it. Generally, babies under one year old do not need pillows.

Quilt/sleeping bag

According to the season, it is enough to prepare one before birth, and the girl’s family will directly replace it with a bag. After kicking, it is better to use a sleeping bag, which will not be kicked off by the baby.


The crib had better be prepared in advance, which is conducive to dispersing flavor and purchasing suitable bedding.

When choosing a large manufacturer, there are some basic requirements that must be met, such as strong wood, railing clearance less than 6cm, environmental protection and harmless, etc.

If you do, pay attention to whether the crib meets the latest U.S. Standards (16 CFR 1219 or 16 CFR 1220). (For more information, click: What should a good crib look like? )

Mosquito net

Mosquito nets are the safest and most reliable physical mosquito prevention method.

In view of the superior seam drilling ability of mosquitoes, it is most appropriate to buy a mosquito net with a zipper closed entrance.

Double-ring back towel

Not necessary, like diaper table, it belongs to [caring for adults].

If babies under 3 months old want to go out, or if they need to hold and comfort for a long time, or if they have the habit of holding and sleeping, a double-ring back towel can greatly liberate adults’ hands.


It is also too late to buy it after birth. If you want to use it 6 months ago, you must have a lying mode greater than 150 degrees or a cradle equipped with a full lying.

It is not recommended to go out with carts when you are too young. Dr. Tian, who specializes in pediatric neurosurgery, fiercely prevented Miss Zhou from letting the baby lie flat and push it out to play, saying that even if the shock absorbing device is reliable, the vibration caused by the outdoor ground is harmful to the baby’s brain development.

The baby is 4 months old. I have only used the cart twice, and the rest are all carried out directly. When the baby can sit for 6 months, I will use a cart less than 150 degrees to push it out.

Safety basket

The special safety basket for 0 ~ 6 months old babies is different from the safety seat for big children. You can buy it with the cart. When you go out, you can directly install the safety basket on the cart. However, the basket and cart cannot be used as tools for babies to sit and lie down for a long time.

Bath related and others


Newborns are not necessary.

It is enough for the newly born baby to use the washbasin. When the washbasin cannot fit, buy the bathtub according to the size of the toilet, the size of the baby and other factors.

Towel, bath towel

Wash your face and wash your buttocks with one towel each. The color is different. It is advisable to squeeze the towel dry with one hand. Think about holding the baby in one hand when you take the baby to take a bath alone. If the towel is too large, how can it be dried? Bath towels are not necessary, but the advantage is that they are wrapped directly after bathing to avoid catching cold and are also convenient.

Body Soap, Shampoo

Bath shampoo two in one. Buy a small bottle can, don’t need to use it every day, it is easy to cause skin problems when you use it too much. Girl’s baby, about two weeks to a month only once. (Learn more, can click: How to give the newborn a bath? )

Water thermometer

For Miss Zhou, who is [raised according to pigs], it is really unnecessary to use this thing. Can’t you test the water temperature with your hands?

Baby massage oil

Not necessary, some hospitals require to buy it to wipe fetal fat.

It can be used as moisturizing oil in winter, and it can be used for touching the rest of the time. It is said that it can enhance parent-child relationship and promote baby’s development. This is just [said] ah, but girl, I think it is great to take the opportunity to [hijack] and touch baby’s tender skin.

Baby Cream

When applied to the skin to moisturize, there is no difference between the major brands.

Air heater

It was cold when you were born. If you didn’t have heating, you can prepare one. You can avoid catching cold when taking a bath, and unlike a bath bully, you can hurt your eyes.

Cotton swabs

Umbilical cord disinfection, ear washing, nose excrement cleaning… in short, prepare a little, useful. Not necessarily for babies, my family has always used ordinary medical cotton swabs.

Iodophor, hydrogen peroxide

It is mainly for disinfection. Generally, the hospital will give some when discharged from the hospital. There is no need to buy them in advance.

Waterproof sticker for umbilical cord

It is not recommended to buy. Pediatricians said that after bathing, they can dry it gently and there is no need to use waterproof stickers. Conventional disinfection of umbilical cord stump is not required. If you are really worried, you can use iodophor.

Baby laundry soap

Not only is the formula mild, but it can also be specially used to deal with milk stains, blood stains, excrement stains, etc. All major supermarkets sell them, and it is too late to buy them after birth.

Ear temperature gun

Not necessary. The advantage is that it is convenient to use and does not require the cooperation of the baby, but the biggest problem is that it is not easy to measure correctly. My practice is usually to roughly judge the body temperature with an ear thermometer and still use a mercury thermometer when accurate measurement is needed.

Baby nail clipper

Can prepare a set. The advantage is that the design is unique, not easy to hurt people. However, cutting nails for the baby is actually a job that practice makes perfect. Girl, I was afraid from the beginning, and the baby dared to start when he fell asleep. Up to now, any time and any place can be competent for this job. Of course, it cannot be carried out on the road or when the light is not good, which is too dangerous.

Newborns are almost in the “eat and sleep, sleep and eat” mode within 30 days of birth. They don’t need too many things and don’t need to store them all before they are born. Many things can be bought after delivery. Besides, surfing the Internet or going shopping is also a good choice to kill boring confinement time.

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