Weekly Record of Pregnancy (16): Counting the Pits of Fetal Movement

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy, counting fetal movement has become a compulsory course for Zhou girls every day. But such a problem that can be solved with primary school mathematics knowledge [counting] makes Zhou girls step out of the big pit. Don’t laugh, Zhou girls chatted with the big belly women around them and found that this pit is quite common. Many expectant mothers have fallen in. The feeling of fetal movement is from how? [Have you felt fetal movement recently? ] 20 weeks of prenatal examination, the doctor suddenly asked. Fetal movement? What is fetal movement? Did the fetal movement occur so early? How does what feel about fetal movement? The moment I heard the question, Not only did I not have the answer in my mind, But more questions have arisen. [Take it easy, If so, it should have been felt recently. Just like little fish swimming around in their stomachs.] The doctor was busy writing medical records, While comforting me. Fetal movement, It is the movement of the fetus in the womb. At first, Because the baby is too small, Move slightly, So it is hard for mothers to feel it. But by the age of 18 to 20 weeks, The baby’s hands and feet can stretch to touch the uterus wall, then many expectant mothers begin to feel the existence of fetal movement. After the prenatal examination, I have been trying to feel the fetal movement. However, this is really a [difficult] attempt. On one occasion, the stomach suddenly appeared [purr] sound and gas movement feeling. Wow, is this fetal movement? In the end, I found out that this was just the normal intestinal peristalsis after the meal… On another occasion, I strolled at home after the meal, pacing while holding my mobile phone, and suddenly I felt touched by something from what in the lower left corner of my stomach. Ah, the baby is kicking me! As soon as he bowed his head, His stomach hit the corner of the table. Generally speaking, Primipara will feel fetal movement later than menstrual parturient, And the individual difference of each person is very big. I was about 24 to 26 weeks old. Only then did I finally have a clear feeling of fetal movement. It was one day before going to bed. When I lay on my side in bed, The stomach shook from the inside. Since then, Frequent and violent fetal movements can be out of control. Therefore, healthy and normal expectant mothers should not worry too much [why haven’t they seen fetal movements], let alone that they will not feel fetal movements. Because this kind of “greeting” from inside your body is unique enough to make you remember it for a lifetime. How is a fetal movement? From the 28th week of pregnancy, the doctor asked me to count the fetal movements. I said at that time that I understood, and when I came home that day, I quietly lay down on my side after dinner and began to count the fetal movements. If you don’t know, if you count, the question arises-how can you count the fetal movements? Especially my family this noisy baby, when the fetus moves, it is like I caught a cat, put it into a plastic bag and press it on my stomach. The baby often moves like [combination boxing], and the continuity is especially good. Every time I think he is going to stop, he comes again for a while. Therefore, should these intermittent movements be counted once or n times? It’s really a tangled problem. I used to regard every movement of the baby as an independent fetal movement. As a result, I got cramps in my hand when I drew calligraphy and painting, and counted more than 70 [high-yield] fetal movements in an hour. Dr. Tian told me: My experience is: it should be noted that with the increase of the number of weeks of pregnancy, fetal movements become more active. However, at the end of pregnancy, as the baby grows up rapidly and the intrauterine movement space decreases, the fetal movement will also decrease accordingly. Fetal movement or hiccups? About 30 weeks of pregnancy, I have gradually become accustomed to the rules and feelings of fetal movement. But suddenly one day, I found that in a day, the lower right corner of the stomach will always have a slight, regular tremor once or twice, about 2 or 3 seconds once, the tremor amplitude is smaller than the general fetal movement, lasting 5 or 15 minutes to disappear. Is this the baby cramping? I rushed to check Dr. Tian’s various textbooks, but none of them mentioned this situation. [It seems that it is really a bit abnormal, will there be a problem? ] I got nervous. [Oh, don’t worry, don’t worry, this is the baby hiccups! ] In a pregnant women’s forum, Several mothers calmly said that they had had this kind of experience, Only after consulting [predecessors] did we know that, This is the baby’s hiccups. You see, Although counting fetal movements is simple and easy to operate, But sometimes it is also easy to cause people to be nervous, Because it is not as good as an instrument-dependent examination, Randomness and subjectivity are stronger, This puts forward higher requirements for the mother’s mentality. Of course, Fetal movement is definitely not the more the better. If the baby has been constantly moving frequently, it may be a distress signal for struggling after early hypoxia. If ignored, then the subsequent fetal movement may decrease or even disappear, and the final result may even be the death of the fetus. With a fetal heart, there is no need to count the fetal movement? For a man like me, Three times a day, One hour at a time, Sit or lie down honestly, It is really not easy to feel the movement of my stomach quietly. Either I didn’t have the patience to continue after counting for half an hour, or I fell asleep after counting for 15 minutes. A bosom friend gave me a gift-fetal heart. Well, I just need to apply some jelly on my stomach three times a day and listen to fetal heart sounds, and I can finish the task! This seems to be much more convenient than counting fetal movements. And reliable. But I really want to be too beautiful. After Dr. Gao Hui of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Tiantan Hospital knew about it, Pointed out the error: In other words, Wait until there is a problem with the fetal heart and then intervene. It will be late. Only by paying attention to fetal movements, Only in this way can we find out the problem as soon as possible and buy enough time for the baby in our belly. Therefore, although counting fetal movements is a bit [millet plus rifle], its function can catch up with many [high technologies]. This reminds me once again that in the field of medicine, careful and lasting observation and experience of the body are more important than blindly relying on technology and equipment. From the perspective of role change, isn’t it also interesting to start with the number of fetal movements and experience and feel your next generation attentively while ensuring safety?