What about sudden illness when you are alone?

Generally speaking, if trauma caused by traffic accidents and the like is not considered, the most likely causes of sudden illness caused by celibacy are:

    Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke) metabolic diseases (mainly acute complications of diabetes) acute digestive tract diseases (food poisoning, intestinal obstruction) respiratory diseases (asthma, pneumonia, etc.)

For the patient himself, one is prevention and the other is self-help. Prevention is more important than self-help.

There are basic diseases in themselves. How to prevent them

1. Take medicine on time and take first aid medicine with you.

As far as cardiovascular diseases are concerned, few people happen to have their first onset during the journey.

For those who have been clearly diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, asthma and other acute attacks at any time in the past, they should carry emergency drugs such as nitroglycerin and salbutamol spray with them. Patients with hypertension and diabetes should continue to take drugs. Keeping blood pressure and blood sugar within the normal range can greatly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergencies.

2. Carry personal medical information card

Make a personal medical information card and carry it with you: At least it should include name, date of birth, home address, emergency contact person, contact number, medical history, current medication and other information such as blood type, allergic substances, whether there are implants such as pacemakers and heart stents in the body, if you know, should also be added. It can be made into the size of a business card and put in your wallet or shirt pocket.

3. Don’t drink too much and eat unclean or unfamiliar food.

Drinking is an important cause of cardiovascular diseases, and there are countless cases of asphyxia and even death caused by vomitus entering the airway after drunkenness in an unattended state.

Unclean food is the main cause of acute digestive tract diseases, and foods that you have never eaten, such as seafood, are at risk of causing allergy.

How to save oneself correctly when the disease breaks out in an emergency?

1. Explain your illness to others when you are aware of it.

In the case of clear consciousness, use four sentences to explain your illness concisely. These four sentences are:

1) My main discomfort at present is what (chest pain/dizziness/fever, etc.);

2) My discomfort is of what nature. Take chest pain as an example, tell the medical staff whether it is local intermittent needle-like stabbing pain or colic that continuously radiates to the arm and neck.

3) I think discomfort is related to what, which can be an inducing or aggravating factor (physical activity, eating unclean food yesterday) or a relieving factor (chest pain is better when lying down);

4) I have what’s past illness. Patients effectively report their illness, and doctors can reduce the possible causes from more than a dozen to one or two through simple physical examination, thus winning a lot of rescue time.

2. Feeling that you are going to lose consciousness, you need to pay attention to the following two points:

1) When calling for help from others, it must be specific to someone. Because psychological research shows that the success rate of asking for help from a single passer-by is much higher than that of shouting aimlessly.

2) Try to find a relatively flat, open and ventilated place to slowly hold the support against or lie down on one’s side, which can not only avoid secondary injuries such as falling injury and aspiration, but also facilitate others to rescue.

Of course, considering China’s national conditions, if you can say to the onlookers [I am ill myself, it has nothing to do with the people who helped me], perhaps more people will be willing to lend a helping hand.

In fact, as long as the prevention of those points, can avoid sudden illness to a certain extent, of course, only self-help is not enough. However, in case of unfortunate illness during the journey, with the current medical conditions, can basically get treatment quickly.