What if the baby is sunburned?

When you change diapers, do you also covet your baby’s tender skin?

You also find that their skin is too delicate to withstand any irritation, but it will immediately return to its original shape with a little medicine?

Yes, newborns’ skin recovers faster than aging skin, but they are also more vulnerable to external injuries-such as ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

Babies under six months old are like vampires who hide from the sun. Even slightly older babies need to be fully armed, which means that at least sunglasses and sunscreen should be prepared for them.

In spite of this, the baby still cannot get rid of the bad luck of sunburn.

How do you know the baby is sunburned?

Sunburn is a first-degree burn caused by excessive exposure of skin to ultraviolet rays. The symptoms of sunburned skin are somewhat similar to those of boiling water burns.

After long-term exposure, sunburned babies’ skin may have the following manifestations:

  1. Local skin is red and hot, with obvious dividing line with the shielded part.

  2. The local skin exposed to the sun has peeling, or small blisters/rashes;

  3. From time to time, the baby touches the exposed part, feels itchy or painful, or refuses to be touched.

Although the vast majority of these children do not need treatment, some children may have persistent inflammatory reactions, reaching a peak 12-24 hours after exposure, with edema and blisters.

What if I get sunburned?

1. In these cases, seek medical treatment immediately!

    For babies under one year old, sunburn is as critical as an emergency. Go to see a doctor as soon as possible! After sunburn, if the older baby feels particularly painful, the skin has blisters, the whole person is listless, or the fever exceeds 38.3 ℃, don’t hesitate, go to a doctor quickly!

2. Symptomatic treatment with these method

    If you find that your child doesn’t urinate very much, give him water to drink quickly, because sunburn will cause him to dehydrate. If his fever is above 38.3 ℃, you can give him some antipyretic. A warm bath may help cool down.

3. Try to paint something

    Apply a light and light moisturizing lotion to relieve skin, but don’t rub it too hard! If it hurts a little, it is better not to use it. You can apply a layer of calamine liniment that does not contain antihistamines to sunburn.

4. Don’t do these things

    Baby’s skin will absorb alcohol, alcohol is not good for brain development at all, and alcohol will cause dehydration. If the doctor does not prescribe ointment, tablets or local anesthetics containing hormones, don’t use them without authorization! If the baby’s sunburn has not healed, it is better not to let him bask in the sun again.

Finally, Ding Ma would like to say that even if you remember these sunburn treatment guidelines firmly, it is not worth such sun protection: