What if the sun is so poisonous and sunburned?

The day before yesterday, Tingting just got off work and received WeChat from her boyfriend who was away on a business trip at the equator:

I went out for a turn at the weekend and came back to find that my ears seemed to be sunburned.

Is it itchy?

It’s red and itchy. It’s been several days, and the feeling of touching my ears is different.

This is the time to talk about what’s hand feeling.

What to do! Because he is black, he has never sunburned before. When he came here, he was sunburned.

I have to say, Tingting’s boyfriend obviously has no common sense of what medicine, and it is not a big thing. He is far away and comes to ask for help (probably just for comfort), but the family has grasped the key point every word. For example, only to find out after coming back? Red and itchy? Has the feel changed? Too dark to get sunburned? What if I get sunburned? Why did you go to the equator and suddenly get sunburned?

Come on, let’s give Tingting a hand.

Only when I came home did I find that I was sunburned?

Generally speaking, if you spend about 15 minutes in the hot sun, you may get sunburn, and if you stay too long and do not take any sun protection measures, sunburn can be very serious.

However, the symptoms of sunburn do not show up immediately. Usually it takes several hours before the skin starts to feel uncomfortable slowly. Perhaps then you realize that you seem to have sunburned.

People with black skin are not easy to get sunburned?

It’s true.

People with light skin color are not easy to get sunburned, but they are more likely to get red and sunburned, such as Caucasians. People with dark skin color are quite dark without sun exposure, but they are not easy to get red and sunburned, such as black people.

However, although the skin of our countrymen does not belong to the type that is particularly prone to sunburn or sunburn, it is still possible to burn if we are exposed to the [big sun] for a long time without any sunscreen measures.

Is sunburn a how experience?

After sunburn, the skin will begin to turn red slowly, with a little itchy feeling.

Serious skin redness, molting and blisters will also occur (the hand feeling is really different); Itching or burning pain; Headache, dizziness and nausea; Even fever, chills, dehydration, etc. After a few days, the skin continues to turn black, which can be extended to several weeks.

I’m really sunburned. What should I do?

1. It’s just a little red, handle it yourself.

If the sunburned skin is only a little red, it will generally subside on its own. You can simply treat it yourself: wet the gauze with normal saline or plain boiled water (the water temperature can be lower) and apply it to the sunburned skin for about 20 minutes at a time.

Visual inspection shows that Tingting’s boyfriend has only reached this level.

2. Severe sunburn, there are also some simple ways to deal with it.

    If there was sunburn reaction at that time, leave the place where the sun is shining directly and find a cool place for follow-up treatment. If conditions permit, take a cold bath or shower (the water flow should be small), keep the water warm, be careful not to use ice water, don’t be cold so that your teeth tremble, usually for 10-20 minutes; After washing, let the skin dry naturally, or gently pat it dry with a towel, and do not wipe it back and forth. You can also apply cold compress, wet the towel with cold water, and apply it to the sunburn for 20-30 minutes. Drink plenty of water in the next few days; If the skin feels needle-like pain, ibuprofen or acetaminophen (often referred to as paracetamol) can be taken to relieve it. Aloe vera gel and the like also have certain effects of reducing sunburn reaction. Choose loose, cotton clothes to let your skin breathe.

3. If the following manifestations occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

If the sunburned skin has large blisters, feels particularly painful, skin swells, has fever and chills, feels nausea, headache, dizziness, even blurred consciousness, etc., go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Only when I went did I get sunburned, just because of the sun [poison]?

In addition to the general sunburn, there are two more special situations.

1. Pleomorphic solar eruption (PMLE)

People who have rarely experienced sun exposure in the past are prone to PMLE when they are suddenly exposed to the sun. It is not caused by diseases or drugs. For example, people who live in the northern region all the year round may have PMLE when they suddenly go to tropical regions for winter.

In this case, the sunburned skin will develop a severe rash within a few hours after being exposed to the sun. The rash will itch, and small papules and dense edematous erythema will appear on the sunburned part.

How to treat PMLE depends on its severity. Mild cases do not need special treatment, and the rash will subside within 7-10 days. At ordinary times, pay attention to sun protection to avoid sunburn again. Severe cases need to be treated in hospital.

2. Solar urticaria

Within a few minutes after the sun is exposed, the skin will itch, redness, skin swelling, asthma, dizziness, loss of consciousness and other conditions.

Although the rash will subside within a few hours, the symptoms will still repeat within a few years and need to be treated under the guidance of a doctor.