What kind of experience is female frigidity?

If there is something to be happy about as a human being, it is probably to get happiness from sex (of course, maybe other species also have it, but I don’t know).

For me, making money with my partner, orgasm and having children are probably the three best things in love. The lack of any of them is inevitably detrimental to the experience.

Research shows that about 12% of adult women in the world have sexual dysfunction, and the 1/3 of them who are quite beautiful in love cannot enjoy them to the fullest.

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) has not received the same attention as male sexual dysfunction for a long time.

It is possible that the performance of female sexual dysfunction is not as obvious as that of men when they encounter the same situation. It is also possible that the problem has been replaced by subjective words such as [frigidity] and [frigidity] for a long time, so that people do not notice that it may be a medical problem and a disease.

The normal situation is how’s?

I once heard a saying that women’s sexual organs are version 2.0 of men’s, because women’s sexual organs have more complicated and delicate structures and can feel a wider area. Therefore, women even have more sexual excitement than men under sexual stimulation:

    Erection: Yes, you are not wrong, women also have erections. Female clitoris and vestibular bulb, like male penis and glans penis, have erectile function, and will appear [erection] due to congestion during sexual arousal, which can be observed. Moisture: When sexually excited, the small blood vessels around the vagina are highly filled and exuded, thus the vagina will be moist and moist. At this time, the vaginal exudate will be different from the common leucorrhea and appear clearer and thinner. Broad: When sexually excited, the labia majora will open, exposing the vaginal opening, hyperemia and edema of the labia minora, increasing by 2-3 times, and the effective length of the vagina will increase by at least 1cm. Don’t underestimate this 1cm, this change will make women more comfortable during sexual intercourse. Sensitivity: The muscles of the whole body will be tight, especially the pelvic floor muscles, such as levator anus muscle and perineum muscle group, will become tense and suitable for receiving the impact of sexual behavior at all times. Breasts will also become sensitive and firm.

What about how for female sexual dysfunction?

If women have sexual dysfunction, these manifestations are not easy to appear. They will appear:

    Hypolibido. Hypolibido or lack of libido, In short, I just don’t want it. Sexual arousal disorder. Sexual desire may be normal, But if women with sexual dysfunction, Never feel that the sexual arousal process of longing for sexual intercourse will become difficult, or it will be difficult to maintain a state of lasting excitement during sexual activities. Orgasm disorder. There is not enough stimulation and sustained sexual excitement, so it is impossible to achieve sustained and multiple female orgasms. Sexual intercourse pain, etc. Vagina feels inexplicable pain during sexual stimulation or sexual intercourse.

Why do women have sexual dysfunction?

Sex is complex. Physiology, emotion, experience, belief, lifestyle, interpersonal relationship, environment, skills and methods all affect the experience of sexual behavior.

Therefore, the causes of sexual dysfunction are also complex.

    Pain: This is easy to understand. In the process of sexual behavior, both the body and the spirit are focused, thus the body will become sensitive and the feeling will be magnified. Difficulty in urination or defecation, pain caused by arthritis, pelvic infection, multiple sclerosis and other symptoms will all cause inconvenience and discomfort during sexual behavior. In addition, problems such as fatigue, headache or other pain, It also affects the sexual experience. Drugs: Certain antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, antihistamines and chemotherapy drugs, Can reduce sexual desire, Or make it more difficult for women to reach orgasm. Hormones: During pregnancy, during lactation and after menopause, Estrogen levels in women will change. Psychological and Social: Anxiety or depression, or long-term stress, Can cause female sexual dysfunction, Such as long-term tension. As mentioned just now, Pregnancy and lactation themselves can cause changes in hormone levels in the body, On the other hand, Pregnancy also exposes women to drastic changes in their social roles. Psychological stress may also be the reason for reducing sexual desire. Emotional discord, It is also an important reason for frigidity. It is easy to say that there is no emotion and it is also very difficult to light it. The sexual skills of the sexual partner (the man) are insufficient: the lack of sexual skills or foreplay leads to the pain of sexual intercourse or the inability to obtain the happiness of sexual love. In fact, there are a large number of women. These women actually have no problems in function and quality.

Among them, hormone is an important cause of female sexual dysfunction.

On the one hand, the decrease of estrogen will make the folds covering the genital surface (labia) thinner and expose the clitoris more, while excessive exposure will reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris.

On the other hand, the inner wall of the vagina also becomes thinner and lacks elasticity. If forced sexual behavior is carried out at this time, women will feel the pain of sexual intercourse and may take longer to experience orgasm.

What can I do with this problem?

    Learning: Very important. Many women do not take the initiative to learn sexual skills. Generally, there is only a relatively single sexual partner and a fixed way of sexual behavior. Over time, burnout is understandable. Try to learn various sexual skills with your sexual partner to increase the fun in sexual behavior. If girls are not sexually active, they need more stimulation, relaxation and lubrication from their partner before sexual intercourse (do enough foreplay! ). Exercise and relaxation: Regular aerobic exercise can help you increase your endurance, Improve body image, Ease your mood. Avoid excessive drinking, Don’t smoke: Because drinking and smoking will affect the whole body blood flow, Reduce the amount of blood flowing to the sexual organs, Not conducive to sexual arousal. Seek a doctor: In many cases, it is not enough to change the daily lifestyle and will not have a significant effect. Fortunately, however, there are treatment methods for female sexual dysfunction. In addition to general psychological treatment, it is necessary to cure the problems that cause discomfort. In addition, sex hormone replacement and other therapies can also be selected.

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