What? Wedding rings can cause harm?

Rings are ornaments with special significance, which cannot be easily taken off when worn. Whether it is wedding ring, engagement ring or other rings, it seems that they have become part of the body and have important symbolic and commemorative significance.

However, do you know that rings can also cause us harm?

How did the ring tear cause it?

Forcibly taking off the ring may cause finger lacerations and, in serious cases, even the loss of the whole finger.

When taking off the ring with force, if the force is too strong or the ring is too tight, the soft tissue of the finger may be damaged, thus causing the ring to tear.

In general, this kind of injury looks nothing, because the skin is not damaged. However, if the blood vessels are injured, it may lead to finger ischemia, thus causing serious consequences.

Therefore, even if the symptoms are mild when injured, they should not be underestimated. They should go to the hospital for examination in time. If the illness is delayed, they may face amputation in serious cases.

Will what’s condition cause lacerations?

The ring was stuck by the machine, or fell from a height to try to grab the support, resulting in only hooking the ring, etc.