What you should know about gout

1. 只有男性才会得痛风吗?

Answer: Wrong. Although gout is more common in men, both men and women have the possibility of getting gout. Gout is more common in middle-aged and elderly men and postmenopausal women. Gout is rare in young people younger than 30 years old. Therefore, gout in young people often indicates more serious diseases. 2. What substance is gout caused by deposition in the body? A: Uric acid salt. Many foods we eat everyday contain a substance called purine. The body catabolizes purines, Uric acid is produced. Usually, Uric acid dissolves in the blood, And it is easily excreted from the kidney to the body. But when the body contains a large amount of uric acid, And far more than the normal amount of uric acid excretion, unexcreted uric acid will accumulate in the body, and gradually form sharp crystals deposited in the joint. Subsequently, the corresponding joint will also appear red, swollen, hot, painful typical inflammatory manifestations, we call it [acute attack of gout]. 3. As long as a blood test can diagnose gout? Answer: Wrong. Blood uric acid value alone is not enough to diagnose gout. Patients with high uric acid may never have gout. Serum uric acid levels may also be within the normal range during acute attacks of gout. A definite diagnosis of gout requires synovial fluid puncture or tophus biopsy, or other related symptoms (such as characteristic arthritis manifestations, etc.). 4. The most common manifestation of acute attacks of gout is what? Answer: Big toe tingling. Many gout patients can feel big toe tingling before gout attacks. This kind of pain sometimes comes with ferocious force, and even can wake up in the middle of the night. Then the corresponding affected joints will have red, swollen, hot and painful manifestations. 5. Which parts can gout affect? Answer: The big toe, wrist or ankle may be affected. Although gout most often affects the big toe, in fact, any joint of the body can be affected by gout, such as wrist, knee, ankle, etc. 6. Can aspirin slow down the symptoms of acute attack of gout? Answer: No. Aspirin has antipyretic and analgesic effects, However, it should be avoided during the acute onset of gout. Aspirin, Also known as acetylsalicylic acid, Salicylic acid can compete with uric acid in the body, So as to inhibit uric acid excretion from the kidney out of the body, Causing uric acid to accumulate in the body. However, Low-dose aspirin is not recommended to be stopped as a prevention and treatment method for cardiovascular diseases. Depending on the specific situation. Non-steroidal, colchicine or hormone drugs are usually used to treat acute attacks of gout. In addition, Other drugs such as diuretics and cyclosporine can also induce gout attacks. Therefore, it is very important to tell the doctor that he has a history of gout when seeing a doctor, so that the doctor can avoid using some drugs that induce or aggravate gout attacks. 7. Why is gout called a “rich disease”? A: Because it is related to some nutritious foods. Although genetic factors may make some people more prone to gout, However, gout is closely related to lifestyle, such as eating a large amount of nutritious foods such as meat and seafood and drinking a lot of alcohol. This lifestyle was once only affordable by emperors, generals and dignitaries, so it was called [rich and noble disease] 8. Which organ is the most affected by high uric acid? Answer: Kidney. Uric acid can not only cause gout, it can cause kidney stones when it deposits in the kidneys. About 20% of gout patients will suffer from kidney stones. If not actively treated, kidney stones can cause severe pain and even kidney infection or damage. 9. The more frequent gout attacks, the more severe gout will be? Answer: Yes. The first attack of gout may only involve a single joint and can improve after a few days. As the frequency of gout attacks increases, a attack may involve several joints. If it is not treated regularly in time, the pain may last longer and cause more serious injuries. 10. Can diet control alone prevent gout attacks? Answer: Wrong. Reducing the intake of high purine foods is an effective way to prevent gout. However, if gout attacks occur many times within a year or uric acid levels continue to be high, doctors need to give medication according to the actual condition of the patient. Obesity is also a risk factor for gout, so weight loss can also reduce gout attacks.