When a doctor encounters a fever in his child (Part I)

A colleague said that every time the child had a fever, his wife asked him, “Did you bring the virus back from the hospital?” My mother-in-law asked: You are a pediatrician, and even your child’s fever cannot be cured. Another colleague said: My son has had a tummy all day. I said to drink more water at home to observe. My mother-in-law said: Do you want to go to the hospital to find an old doctor? Compared with my own experience, I also feel the difficulties of my colleagues.

When her daughter was less than one year old, one day she suddenly developed a fever and her body temperature quickly jumped to more than 39 degrees. At ordinary times, she was lovely and suddenly depressed. Her little face was red and she fell asleep in the arms of adults. The family immediately became nervous.

Although he is a pediatric surgeon, When what can still cope with the out-of-pocket diarrhea and cold, In addition to a little runny nose, the child did not have any other symptoms. After listening to his lungs and throat, he did not find any abnormality in what. Seeing that his body temperature rose so rapidly, he still felt like he was infected with more virus and did not pay special attention to it. He told her to feed her more water and drink ibuprofen if the fever was too high.

There were two doctors in the family at that time, My mother-in-law is a retired Chinese medicine practitioner, His wife is an ultrasound doctor, Compared with them, my major must be more appropriate. On the first day of fever, although they were also nervous, they basically listened to my arrangement. On the second day, the child showed no signs of improvement. If he did not take antipyretic, his body temperature basically remained above 38.5. Once he took antipyretic, his body temperature dropped, she had the spirit to play again, the drug effect dropped, and his body temperature went up again.

I watched her closely, Fortunately, in addition to fever, Everything else is fine, Can eat and sleep. But the family is a little overwhelmed. Mother-in-law said, Children can’t burn like this, Can burn out the brain, can’t always drink some mercurochrome at home, or go to the hospital to have an injection. The wife has never done clinical practice, the first time she saw the child sick was already nervous, listening to grandma said so is more nervous, followed by said, you are engaged in surgery, the child fever you also don’t see much, or go to find a physician to see.

Can’t resist their repeated bombing, I compromised, Tell them to go to the hospital and check the blood. If it’s okay, I still have to go home and wait for the time. Then I went to the hospital to have a blood routine, White blood cells are not high, lower than normal, the proportion of centripetal granulocytes is not high. I told my family, look, it is still the first consideration of virus infection, fever has to have a process, in addition to waiting for time no good way. But his wife still does not trust, saying that since he has arrived at the hospital, you will find a physician to see it.

Even if there is such a result before coming to the hospital, Helpless, took to find a physician, the doctor looked at it and said, throat is not red, lungs sound fine, should still be infected by the virus, said fever will have a process, and then continue to observe. Hearing such words, the family is much more calm, although I said these words at home countless times, but the physician said it again seems to be worth me to say ten times.

When I got home, the child still burned, But the blood was also checked, The physician saw it, The family also had a peaceful day, On the fourth day, The child still has a high fever, The child’s grandmother could no longer calm down, Said it couldn’t drag on any longer, Be sure to take the child to the injection. I said be patient, Although the child has a fever, the general situation is good. Many virus infections take three to five days, and injections cannot solve the what problem. However, when she saw the child’s fever, what did not listen to her. She said that how many years have you been a doctor? What did not understand. I have been a doctor all my life and I still do not know? You are doing experiments with your own children. After a quarrel, I held on to it on the grounds that I had custody of the children, but I almost didn’t sign it to show that I would bear the consequences.

On the fifth day, The child still had a high fever, My mother and grandmother stopped talking to me, In their eyes, I have become a sinner who has maimed my own children. I myself have not wavered. Because watching the child still has no other what symptoms in what, I believe that fever will have an end. Sure enough, Haven’t taken the antipyretic yet, At noon, the child’s body temperature gradually tended to drop, and it was normal in the afternoon. Then there was a large rash all over the body. The rash was removed from the rash. The child’s rash was caused by a virus infection. I breathed a sigh of relief. The child’s mother did not speak, and the child’s grandmother said faintly: I didn’t expect the child’s rash to burn so badly.

Looking back, they are all one family. Everyone’s wish is definitely to hope the child is good. It is impossible for anyone to have what selfishness on the issue of the child’s illness. The family should have had close trust. However, there are differences in the understanding and judgment of the disease among the three people, so there are still differences and contradictions.

There will be differences between doctors, What’s more, between doctors and other parents of children who do not have medical knowledge. Because of nervousness and worry, There will be doubts among family members, What’s more, between doctors and patients who are strangers. When the child has a fever, Most parents’ wish is that their children will have a fever earlier. They feel that the fever has subsided, and the children will recover their health and be at ease. Therefore, they are desperate to give their children a fever reduction. No matter the fever is the cause of what. In the eyes of many people, injections are the real treatment, and the heart is steadfast after being injected. The child’s fever doctor is irresponsible if he does not give injections.

This kind of mentality is actually quite common, Last May, a parent in Shenyang, Just because his child has a high fever, The doctor punched and kicked to cause concussion. Last November, an old doctor in Foshan was injured by the father of the child because he refused to give a child a hanging needle. Also last night, on the third day of the new year, a doctor in the emergency department of our hospital was beaten by his parents because he received a fever child who did not open the hanging bottle and was considered irresponsible.

After family planning, Most children are only children, They have been cared for for for generations. As a pediatric surgeon, my medical decisions made as a father will be questioned by my family if they are approved by children’s physicians. Imagine, if I were not the father of the child but other doctors, what would they think of this doctor? If I were not the father of the child but another doctor, would I be willing to stick to the principle in the face of such doubts and even beatings?

There is just one such experience below, which is to be continued….

(Hint: There are many reasons for children’s fever. This is an example that does not require an injection. It does not mean that all children do not need an injection for fever.)