When the doctor encounters his child with fever (middle)

This is the first time the child has fallen ill when he is not with me. After the baby rash, As well as several validations thereafter, The family finally confirmed that I was not only the father of the child, He is really a pediatrician, So I already have a say in children’s health, So the mother called me the first time. Like all parents, My first reaction when I heard that my child was ill was also worried. However, the video can only see her lying sickly, and other conditions are not clear. I asked to continue to observe the body temperature, drink more water, physically cool down, and rest more. If the body temperature is too high, antipyretic drugs will be given.

Because the child had some respiratory symptoms before leaving, Also called ear pain, Just got on a plane, I’m worried about respiratory infection with otitis media, He told him to go to the hospital if he had a high fever the next day. By the next day, The child still has a high fever, I contacted my classmates in the local children’s hospital and asked my wife to take the child to find him. He was also a surgeon. He also took the child to find a director of internal medicine to help him. The blood leukocyte test was 1.8 W, and the proportion of neutrophils was also high. Considering suppurative tonsillitis, I suggested an injection, prescribed cefotaxime sodium, and prescribed Qingkailing granules at the same time. My wife asked me if I wanted to take it.

I didn’t see the child, I totally trust doctors in my diagnosis, Children have both symptoms and indicators of infection, There is no problem with antibiotics. However, hemolytic streptococcus is the main pathogen of suppurative tonsillitis. The preferred drug is penicillin, Although cefotaxime is of high grade, it is not necessarily better, Although the child has symptoms of high fever, but on the basis of no etiology, the direct administration of cephalosporin three-generation injection is still a little too much in my opinion. The child can also eat, and she has also used amoxicillin in the past. I told her not to give an injection first, and to eat amoxicillin first at home before observing. As for the traditional Chinese medicine, those who read my microblog all know that I will definitely ignore it directly.

On the day after taking the medicine, the child still had a persistent high fever, and his wife could not hold on to it. She said that she still wanted to take him to the hospital for an injection. She said that she was at least the director of internal medicine and had more experience than you. I told her to hold on under pressure. By the afternoon of the next day, her body temperature began to drop and tended to be normal. Three days later, all symptoms disappeared.

That hospital is my university and graduate internship hospital, That doctor might have been my tutor, Under the current situation of the doctor-patient relationship, I can also understand her medication thinking. As mentioned earlier, many people go to the hospital to ask for an immediate solution to the child’s pain, and those who have fever require an early fever reduction, otherwise they will be held accountable to doctors, even fists and fists. Under such pressure, accommodating patients + protecting themselves has become the choice of many doctors.

When the antimicrobial indications are clear, There are many options, Choose more powerful broad-spectrum drugs, Intravenous administration with faster effect, The short-term effect is quick and good, The patient rejoices, Doctors may still be able to make profits, Everyone is happy. As for risks, After all, short-term infusion reaction is rare, and long-term problems are also difficult to relate to this treatment. However, oral amoxicillin requires skin tests, which take effect slowly and meet with drug-resistant bacteria. The effect is not good and may be questioned. It is difficult and thankless. Most patients are unwilling to bear any risks. Which doctor is willing to choose?

I posted this experience on Weibo, A paediatric colleague from a major hospital in Beijing said, Suppurative tonsillitis itself will also have cephalosporin III. So, Even if I went to another hospital, The other doctor I was looking for, It may also be such a plan. Under such a medical system, Under the current situation of doctor-patient relationship, This is what our health care system can provide. The current situation is the product of balancing the interests of all parties. Every member of the society has to face it, including doctors who become patients themselves, otherwise they will have to bear additional risks themselves. However, every time a medical injury case occurs, it will only strengthen the determination of more doctors to take defensive medical treatment, and more innocent patients will pay for the actions of those perpetrators. This is the endless retribution of grievances.

First, patients are so superstitious about infusion and antibiotics that the medical profession is not innocent.

The application of these technologies is modern, The main body of spreading medical knowledge is still the medical field. People’s ideas still come from the subtle influence of doctors, Intravenous infusion and antibiotic abuse are indisputable facts in China. Generally speaking, Older people are more superstitious about these two things. Old people have little contact with the Internet, The renewal of ideas is not as good as that of young people. And these old people’s ideas were also cultivated by the older group of doctors, so to say something to offend those predecessors in the medical field, many young doctors were beaten today, which may be due to the evils you did in those days. Of course, the reasons for this situation are very complicated, including the medical system and the scientific literacy of the public.

Second, I do not reject infusion or antibiotics. If the disease requires me, I will not hesitate to use them.

I just think, The plan given by other doctors is to have the doctor’s position, My own child, and I’m willing to take some risks for her, Choose a plan that may be better for her. I made this choice because I am a pediatrician and willing to take responsibility for myself. Originally, doctors would be disturbed by many emotional factors when treating themselves and their relatives. It is easier to make mistakes. If there are trusted doctors, I would rather go to see them. I have no choice but to make my own decisions, because doctors also have a lot of distrust of the current medical system when switching to the status of patients, which is one of the reasons why most doctors will find acquaintances when they see their own doctors.

Third, what should people who do not have any medical knowledge do?

In addition to learning some conventional processing methods, If you don’t have a pediatrician’s friend, When you’re not sure, you should see a doctor. When you get to the hospital, Apart from rejecting any Chinese medicine prescribed by a doctor, Only trust the doctor. Because in any case, On medical issues, doctors who have received professional training know more than you. Although they may not be perfect in details, the general direction will not be too wrong. After all, the hospital is still under supervision. What’s more, according to the doctor’s plan to make a problem or find someone responsible, and they can only swallow tears into their stomachs when they choose to make a problem.

Everyone may be disappointed to see here, But this is a helpless fact. Diseases are ever changing, Even if it is a fever, It could also be a different disease, A manifestation of a different condition, The two experiences I mentioned above did not require infusion, But it doesn’t mean that all fevers don’t need infusion, Some severe infections require not only infusion but also admission to ICU. Even if doctors make diagnosis attentively, it is inevitable that there will be misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. Patients can improve some medical knowledge through learning, but it is still unlikely to surpass doctors who make a living by seeing doctors, so believing doctors is much less likely than believing that they make mistakes.

In order for children to receive more reliable and comfortable medical services, What we can expect is continuous improvement in the medical industry. But this cannot be achieved by killing doctors. But we should work together to change the status quo. Including the rebuilding of trust in society as a whole, Including patient tolerance and physician self-discipline, Popular science education is also needed, But what is more important is the change of the medical system. Medical colleges and universities will not specially select those greedy and unscrupulous people to study medicine when recruiting students. Doctors are normal ordinary people. If people with ordinary nature wear white coats, they will not be trusted. It can only be said that there are great problems in our medical system. However, this problem cannot be explained in a few words.