WHO officially refuted the rumor! [Single] Does Not Equal [Disabled]

Many people have recently been screened by the news that “being single is also disabled”, including doctors’ colleagues, especially doctors with low seniority, because of long working hours, poor income and being single… It is tears to say.

At that time, everyone forwarded and said that they would not have to give up their seats when taking public transport.

News Background

The news was triggered by a report by the British Daily Express on October 24.

Yes, foreign media also have a plenty of theme parties, the title said < >, the title is so explosive, who is single and who doesn’t want to forward it ~ it’s better to be charming, maybe who can comfort me when he sees me saying I am single.

The WHO refuted the rumor!

However, just now! WHO refuted the rumor!

In 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO), together with the International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ICMART) and other partners, developed a glossary of definitions of infertility and reproductive medicine.

The glossary defines infertility as [reproductive system diseases that cannot achieve clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more without any contraceptive measures].

WHO has not changed the application of the definition of [infertility], nor has it defined it as disability.

Importantly, the definition is only a clinical description of infertility and does not make any recommendations on the provision of reproductive health services. WHO is currently working with partners to update the glossary of definitions of infertility and reproductive health and to consider revising the definition of infertility.

Even if there is any change in the definition of [infertility], it will still be a clinical description of infertility as a reproductive system disease and will not make any suggestions on the provision of reproductive medical services.

Interpretation of Clove Garden

Clove Garden WeChat Public Number contacted WHO’s China Office and was authorized to forward the WHO announcement, but we were also a little confused about WHO’s definition of [infertility]:

  1. Why does the Daily Mail publish such news? Is WHO’s recent definition of [infertility] undergoing more important discussions or adjustments?

  2. There is an important description of [infertility as a disability] on WHO’s official website. Is this part the origin of rumors?

Infertility as a disability

Disability: Infertility generates disability (an impact of function), and thus access to health care falls under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. An estimated 34 million women, predominantly from developing countries, have infertility which results from natural sepsis and unsafe passage (long term natural mortality resulting in a disability). Infertility in women was ranked the 5

For this part of the content, we are currently actively contacting WHO’s China office, hoping to get further answers. If there is any latest information, we will announce it through Clove Garden WeChat Public Number (Micro Signal: Dingxiangwang) in the first place.


People are talking about infertility, you are talking about being single.

Infertility has not changed its definition. You have to describe being single as disabled.

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