Why do stars who have changed their faces say they have corrected their teeth?

How has star-like facial features?

Is what the Secret of Perfect Facial Proportion?

Isn’t the awl face a dream?

However, the above content has nothing to do with this article.

The topic of star cosmetic surgery is always so attractive that opinions vary and are uncertain.

Everyone has a love of beauty. In my opinion, accepting cosmetic surgery and using cosmetics are essentially the same behavior and need not be too secretive.

However, stars love to attribute all the [beauty transformation] to dental correction, which makes many fans full of expectation for dental correction at once, which can make stomatologists happy and sad.

Tooth correction is not [cosmetic surgery]

When evaluating the orthodontic treatment plan, the patient took a star photo [just take this whole picture.]

The dentist really wants to cry:

[Not that I don’t want you to become beautiful, but that male and female servants can’t do it at all! ]

The scientific name of orthodontics is [orthodontics], which usually refers to the treatment methods of correcting irregular tooth arrangement and abnormal occlusal relationship through oral technical means.

Because the adjustment of tooth position may affect the soft tissue morphology of its adjacent lips and cheeks, orthodontic treatment also has certain effect of changing face shape under specific circumstances.

Doctors see [beauty] differently

Beauty is a kind of philosophy. It is all-encompassing and indescribable. It cannot be defined by a unified standard.

In medicine, the balance and coordination of appearance is beauty.

The following are some common evaluation criteria used by stomatologists to visually measure the color value. Please take out a mirror and refer to it.

1. Positive criteria:

The front standard mainly includes two aspects: face proportion and symmetry.

Facial ratio, in doctor’s jargon, is called [three courts and five eyes].

[Three Courts] refers to the length of the face. A central axis is made in the middle of the face. If the hairline reaches the eyebrow bone, the eyebrow bone reaches the nasal bottom, and the nasal bottom reaches the chin, it is considered beautiful.

[Five Eyes] refers to the width of the face. Ideally, it is based on the length of the eye shape. The left and right hairlines are exactly five eyes long, with an eye-long spacing between the two eyes, and an eye-long spacing between the outside of the two eyes and the hairline.

The left and right parts of the human face are not completely symmetrical, but the average asymmetry rate of people with high color value is within 10%.

In other words, people with high facial value have better face symmetry.

2. Side criteria:

Seen from the side, the tangent line between the tip of the nose and the most convex point of the chin forms a plane, and most of the beautiful adults have their lips within this plane. Therefore, people with stiff nose bridge take advantage.

Orthodontics can make some people more beautiful.

Orthodontic treatment solves two kinds of problems, namely function and beauty. Especially the latter, it is applicable to a wide range of people.

In theory, deformities dominated by teeth, such as irregular tooth arrangement and abnormal occlusal relationship between upper and lower dental arches, can be corrected by orthodontics or combined orthodontic surgery.

However, the actual situation still needs to be comprehensively weighed, such as whether the orthodontic effect can meet the patient’s expectations and whether the corresponding cost is worth it, so not everyone is suitable for orthodontic treatment.

Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on Face Shape

This is still from the front and side.

From the front, tooth extraction will not make the face smaller during orthodontic treatment, because the main forces supporting the facial contour are mandible, cheekbones and soft tissues of lips and cheeks.

A few of them hold up a [tent]. If there are a few teeth missing from the inside, you really can’t see much difference from the outside.

What can really create [awl face] is: bone grinding (mandibular angle grinding), remodeling (chin plasty), soft tissue removal (buccal fat pad removal) and atrophy (muscular toxin injection).

Dr. Clove still wants to remind everyone that these methods, as previously stressed, are not suitable for everyone.

Actually, the surprise is on the side.

The improvement of facial shape by orthodontics is mainly reflected in the [side face], that is, the relationship between nose, lips and chin.

Because the teeth and lips are closely attached, the original convex or concave mouth shape can be improved by adjusting the position and arrangement of the teeth. However, patients with protruding mouth will recycle their teeth, which will make their chin and nose more stiff. However, there are limits to this change.

The real [earth-shaking] lateral facial changes rely on orthodontic surgery combined with maxillary or mandibular retrogression/extension surgery. This combined treatment scheme is generally applied to patients with maxillary deformities, such as [earth-covered sky], maxillary protrusion or mandibular retrogression. Simple tooth deformities do not require such drastic measures.

Maybe dental correction can’t make you get the beauty of a star, but a neat tooth is the guarantee of health and can still add a lot of charm to you.

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Author: Zhu Wangyong