Why is gout easy to occur when seasons alternate?

Lao Zhang is a [senior] gout patient. He became acquainted with gout again in the spring of last year. Later, when he inquired, some of his patients around him also suffered from acute attacks of gout back and forth. This puzzled Lao Zhang a little. Can gout be contagious?

In fact, gout is not contagious, but gout attacks also have certain seasonality, so what is the relationship between gout attacks and seasons?

First of all, let’s recall that during the 24 hours of the day, gout attacks are more common in what?

Why does gout often occur at night?

Typical gout often occurs at night, and most of them can wake up at night due to pain. I believe that patients who have experienced it once may never forget it.

The main reasons are as follows:

Step 1 Temperature drop

After falling asleep at night, the metabolism of the human body slows down and the body temperature decreases accordingly. In addition, the ambient temperature at night is lower than that during the day, and the solubility of urate in blood also decreases. As a result, urate precipitates in the form of amorphous or tiny crystals and deposits in tissues and joints, inducing gout.

2. Easy to catch cold

For friends who sleep with less quilts, bad sleep or easy kick quilts, they are easy to catch cold at night, which increases the risk of [winning].

Gout occurs frequently when seasons alternate.

If we look back at the correlation between gout and seasons, it is not difficult to find that gout is more common when seasons alternate, especially in spring and autumn. Because the temperature difference between morning and evening in spring and autumn is too large.

So does this mean that we can rest easy in summer and winter?

This is not the case either. Summer and winter also have their own characteristics. The causes that easily induce acute attacks of gout are different.

Factors inducing gout in summer

1. High purine diet

First of all, in summer, especially male patients all know that in hot summer, eating what and drinking what are the best? Of course, three to five good friends sat together, had some iced beer, roasted a kidney and rolled some strings, but this diet contained a lot of purine, which obviously contributed to the increase of blood uric acid.

2. Insufficient water supply

In addition, hot summer and excessive sweating lead to a decrease in water content in the body and an increase in the concentration of blood uric acid. If sufficient water is not added, acute gout will easily occur.

Strategies to prevent gout in summer: eat less barbecue, do not drink beer and drink more water.

Factors inducing gout in winter

1. Low temperature

As mentioned earlier, the solubility of urate decreases due to the decrease of temperature. In winter, when the weather is cold, urate itself is easy to deposit.

2. High purine hot pot or thick soup

In addition, in winter, the north likes to eat hot pot and the south likes to cook soup for supplements. Purine is dissolved in water, so these foods also contain very high purine, which produces high uric acid in the body and is easy to induce acute attack of gout.

Gout prevention strategy in winter: pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, eat less hot pot and drink less broth.

Patients may cannot help asking: Are you kidding me? Speaking of which, acute attacks of gout will occur all the year round.

In fact, it is true that gout can occur all the year round. It is hard to say which season is especially easy to occur. However, the inducing factors in different seasons are slightly different.

Other inducing factors include: local joint injuries such as sprain (or long-distance walking, too tight shoes, etc.), infection, surgery, overwork, etc. Of course, gout itself is due to its own purine metabolism problems, in many cases, it has to be treated with drugs.

Although hyperuricemia and gout are currently incurable diseases, as long as we face them with a positive attitude, pay attention to the control of life and diet, receive regular treatment, and control the blood uric acid at the standard level, then we can easily face every spring, summer, autumn and winter and enjoy every day happily!