Will diapers affect the baby’s reproductive function? When should diapers be stopped decisively?

No matter what the climate is, there is a problem of child-rearing that is always hot. If it is in summer, it will be even more fermentative.

That is, do you want to wrap the baby’s diapers all the time?

Once geometry, this problem was the fuse of the war between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The mother-in-law said: How uncomfortable it is for Xiao Yazi to wrap thick diapers on her buttocks. It smells like coquettish when she is pulled open. Moreover, many babies also have red buttocks. This is simply intolerable, let alone in summer. Or diaper or pee well

Daughter-in-law said: Don’t mention the urine, basically will bring a little force, diapers will soon get wet, and have to change and wash, the child finally fell asleep, turn over wet… or play well, wet and have to drag over to change diapers

Not to mention the stay-at-home mother who takes her baby alone, just changing diapers and washing diapers, ten or eight times a day, what else?

There is no way out in life! Is there?

Therefore, today we invited Dr. Hou Fanghua to talk about diapers (diapers).

Rumors about diapers

Is diapers really airtight and more likely to lead to red buttocks?


The reason why many people oppose diapers is that they are airtight, bad for skin, and babies are prone to red buttocks. In fact, no matter what kind of diapers you wear, it may lead to red buttocks. There is no evidence that diapers are better than diapers, and vice versa.

Diapers have guide bars and absorbent particles inside, instead of relying on plastic diaphragms to prevent leakage. Some people have done experiments. Adult physical examination diapers feel much better than sanitary napkins and will not feel so stuffy and wet.

The main cause of red buttocks is not diapers or diapers, But urine and stool contact baby’s tender skin for a long time. Some mothers pay great attention to the air permeability of diapers, but you should know that the breathable diapers are only permeable [gas], urine and stool will not penetrate, whether using diapers or diapers, timely replacement is the key to prevent red buttocks.

Does wearing diapers lead to O-legs?


Careful observation, the baby will have the appearance of similar O-shaped legs in infancy. This is because the fetus has always maintained the posture of curled up limbs in the uterus, which is a natural physiological phenomenon. Such as the baby learns to stand and walk, the weight-bearing state of lower limb bones changes, and will gradually improve.

The causes of O-legs that affect children’s development and walking generally include rickets (vitamin D deficiency), congenital osteochondral hypoplasia, and imbalance of lower limb skeletal muscles caused by long-term bad posture.

Diapers are made of non-woven fabrics, absorbent cores and some accessories (waist stickers, elastic waistlines, etc.). Even after absorbing urine, it is something that can be deformed by pinching with hands. Its strength is far from affecting bone development. The baby looks very delicate, but the development of bones is definitely not a soft opponent like diapers that can be shaken.

Will wearing diapers affect hip joint development?


According to the current research, most of the factors affecting hip joint development are congenital, and acquired factors such as leggings have nothing to do with diapers. After the baby puts on diapers, the posture of slightly abducting two thighs is relatively normal.

In addition, there are rumors that wearing diapers can prevent and treat babies with hip dysplasia. Is this really the case?

Nor is it. Non-surgical treatment of hip joint development problems, mainly with various auxiliary tools to keep the baby frog-like two legs slightly extended posture. There is an auxiliary tool appearance and diapers are a bit like, but the material and ordinary diapers are completely different, essentially or plaster, medical polymer materials, etc.

After all, compared with human bones, muscles and joints, diapers are still [too soft] and have little [lethality]. Wearing or not wearing diapers, the hip joint will develop itself according to the established plan.

Can wearing diapers lead to abnormal sperm development?


Some parents worry that the internal temperature of diapers is too high, and the sperm of male babies will be damaged by [high temperature], thus affecting reproductive function. This kind of worry is totally unnecessary.

First of all, there is no excessive temperature in diapers. Diapers are not warm pants, and their inner and outer surface layers are breathable, so there is no obstacle to the exchange and balance of heat inside and outside diapers, basically the same as diapers. The survival and reproduction of human cells are generally not affected by diapers.

Diapers can be popularized, Compared with diapers, It must have its advantages. For example, it brings great convenience to people who take care of babies. It also saves time for cleaning, drying and storing diapers and clothes and trousers that are accidentally wet by diapers. I believe this is also the reason why most people choose diapers. Moreover, diapers can keep baby’s clothes and trousers dry and sleep longer at night. As long as they are used correctly, diapers generally will not affect baby’s health.

How to use diapers correctly?

First of all, before wearing diapers, carefully read the instructions on the package. Generally, diapers are worn according to the schematic diagram, and there will be no side leakage and back leakage.

Secondly, change diapers frequently, scrub frequently, and keep small farts clean.

Babies, especially those within 6 months old, should insist on keeping dry after changing diapers every time and use hip protection cream, so as to isolate the skin damage caused by defecation and urination to the greatest extent and prevent red buttocks.

Combining the spirit of environmental protection and economy, Generally urinate 2 ~ 3 times can change (the baby can change more diligently), Shit will be changed immediately. If the baby has got red buttocks, it is more necessary to increase the frequency of changing diapers, and every change must clean the small PP, apply hip protection cream or tannic acid ointment configured by the hospital, and temporarily do not wear diapers when conditions permit. My grandmother calls it [drying small buttocks] to keep the small PP dry.

Finally, according to the baby’s size, change the diaper model in time. Generally, it can be selected according to the weight on the package, or according to the baby’s waist circumference and leg circumference.

Can what take off his diapers?

The baby’s ability to control defecation and urination is very weak before the age of one and a half, This is because the development of the baby’s urination center is not perfect, and it cannot be done to defecate autonomously. Moreover, according to the principle of [toilet training] recommended by foreign countries, it is also recommended to start training children to defecate autonomously at 18 ~ 24 months. At this time, the baby can also express his own ideas, and he can try to gradually untie diapers and train his own defecation step by step.

In the specific operation process, parents should not rush for success. It is possible that the child will have repeated defecation, that is, his defecation is quite smooth. However, there may be bed wetting and pants wetting in the middle. This is a normal phenomenon. Don’t blame the child.

If the baby can express his wish to go to the toilet and solve the problem on the small toilet, he can say goodbye to diapers in theory.

1. To save trouble, wear more

Mom and Dad may regret to find that the baby urinates his pants from time to time.

Therefore, almost two years old or so, during the day can give the baby to take off diapers, training baby urination defecation, at night to wear a period of time, such as the baby control poop ability is strong, and then gradually remove the diapers at night. After all, wet bed urine is a very crazy thing for mothers.

2. Open-backed pants are not recommended.

If there are enough people to take care of the baby and change clothes during the day, you can completely avoid wearing diapers, but I do not recommend wearing [open-backed pants] for the baby.

Apart from being indecent, it is not good for health to directly expose the baby’s young reproductive organs.

3. Thorough Farewell Opportunity

After the age of 3, especially after going to kindergarten, the phenomenon of urinating pants or bedwetting will become less and less. This may be the best time for the baby to say goodbye to diapers completely.

4. Older children still wet the bed?

Generally speaking, boys seldom wet the bed after the age of 5 and girls after the age of 4. However, when [special things] happen, such as the birth of younger siblings, family misfortune, psychological pressure, etc., the child may occasionally wet the bed. Parents cannot blame the child for this and cause TA’s psychological burden.

If the child is still wetting the bed frequently at this time, he should see a doctor to make sure there is any problem of enuresis.

Three Steps to Toilet Training

Stage 1: Familiar with Tools

Let the baby be familiar with the [small toilet] and tell TA what it is for.

Parents can let their babies see how they go to the toilet and let TA be familiar with the function of the toilet. You can also let TA sit on the toilet for a few minutes.

Phase II: Situational Exercise

When TA is seen to defecate, let TA sit on it in diapers to complete defecation.

For example, if you stop halfway through the meal and blush, or if you suddenly stop in the middle of the play, you can take TA to the side of the small toilet and tell TA that if you want to go to the toilet in the future, you can come here and sit down.

Phase III: Practical Operation

Take off your pants, remove diapers and let your baby defecate on the toilet.

In fact, these three stages can be a coherent process, but there may also be repetitions, which is irrelevant.

Parents must remember that most babies can eventually go to the toilet by themselves.

In the initial failure, don’t be depressed, but carry out toilet training gently to the end with the baby.

When it comes to wearing diapers, We cannot compromise just because the elderly in the family have objections. Judging from scientific evidence, all kinds of rumors about diapers are untrue and will not make the baby uncomfortable or harmful. We should still use them. Besides, it is also very important to liberate the productivity of the baby. It is a good thing to be able to accompany the child well when saved.