Will the hair get thicker and thicker? Come and see the summer depilation guide.

In the hot summer, girls face different parts of body hair and worry a lot.

Who doesn’t yearn for a real [refreshing summer]?

However, should we choose the what method to remove these conspicuous [annoying silk] safely and effectively?

What are the common depilation methods?

According to different methods and principles, it is mainly divided into mechanical depilation (extraction and scraping), chemical depilation (depilation cream) and physical depilation (wax depilation, electrolysis, laser depilation and photon depilation). Today we focus on talking about depilation methods that can be operated at home.

Mechanical depilation: You came from ancient times

Remembering the earliest depilation method of human beings is mechanical depilation. In the west, people smear thick honey on the face, and then remove small hair on the face through the stickiness and pulling force of honey to make the face look more smooth and beautiful. In China, there is a saying that on the day a girl gets married, she uses a thin thread to pull around her face, bites her mouth in the middle of the thin thread, and twists off the hair on her face. Only in this way can she become a beautiful bride.

Today, there may not be many descendants of these techniques, but mechanical depilation is still in use.

    Pull-out method: The tweezers in the hands of beautiful women are a sharp weapon, Excess facial eyebrows, hairs, There will be slight pain. The extraction method not only pulls out the hair shaft (the section exposed outside the skin), You can also pull out the hair root (a section inside the skin), However, the hair ball (the swelling place at the end of the hair root) is not damaged. This method is powerless for large-area body hair, and the time is short, and the hair will grow again in about 2 weeks. Scraping method: mainly includes the shaver or special shaver used by men, which is simple and quick, only shaving the hair cadres, and will make a comeback after 3 days. It is a little troublesome to clean the skin.

Chemical depilatory method: depilatory cream, regular purchase is very important

1. Is depilatory cream what?

Hair removal products are cosmetics with the effects of reducing and removing body hair, purifying skin, beautifying skin and beautifying skin.

At present, the main member of hair removal products is calcium thioglycolate. It has little stimulation, light smell and fast hair removal speed (about 10 minutes can have ideal effect). Of course, there are also some plant extracted chemicals, such as chrysanthemum, marigold or ginger powder, etc., which are applied to hair removal products.

We know that human hair is actually a kind of keratin, which consists of more than 20 kinds of amino acids, of which cystine has the highest content, reaching 18%. Cystine has characteristic [disulfide bond], while calcium mercaptoacetate increases hair osmotic pressure, expands and softens, and even breaks completely by destroying disulfide bond.

2. How to choose depilatory cream?

Having said so much, I want to give you some advice on depilation products.

Step 1: How to buy it?

Although the country has relatively complete safety measures for depilatory products, the sale of depilatory cream on the market is not without hidden dangers. There are still many [three noes] products on sale and the so-called efficacy of the products is widely publicized.

We should remember two points: first, we should purchase through regular channels and see clearly that the products have [Wei Zhuang Te Zi * * *] on them; The second is to pay more attention to those who claim to be safe, easy to use in any part and suitable for sensitive skin, because national laws and regulations clearly stipulate that such products cannot publicize their efficacy.

Step 2: How to use it?

If you have sensitive skin, please use depilatory cream with caution. The safety test [human trial test] for depilatory cream is carried out in people with normal skin, except for patients with sensitive skin or skin diseases. In addition, except for sensitive skin, such as some rupture or small wound in your depilatory area these days, it cannot be used.

For longer body hair, it is recommended to trim (leave about 1cm) before depilation. On the one hand, it can avoid excessive use of depilatory cream, and on the other hand, it can also enhance depilatory effect. After trimming, evenly cover the depilatory cream on the hair and wait for 5-8 minutes; When the time comes, you can observe the depilatory effect locally first. After you are satisfied, wipe off all the depilatory cream on the skin surface with paper towel, then rinse the skin surface with warm water to avoid skin residue of the cream, and apply some moisturizing and skin care lotion as appropriate.

Step 3: Does it matter if you use too much?

Compared with mechanical depilation, depilatory cream has obvious advantages: the hair growth rate is slow after use, which can reach about 2 weeks. In addition, the cost of depilatory cream is low, and it is indeed a good way to use it safely according to the above methods.

There are many beautiful girls who often use depilatory cream who are concerned about [carcinogenesis]. In fact, In the face of many ingredients in cosmetics, everyone has the same concern: such as preservatives, colorants, sunscreens, etc., their systematic toxicity is closely related to the amount, time and route of contact. If the skin is contacted locally, wiped and rinsed after a few minutes, the human body will absorb little or little, and the so-called [toxicity] is basically negligible.

Physical depilation method: beeswax depilation, pain and happiness

Wax removal method is suitable for large-scale temporary depilation. Many Westerners like to use it, which is safe and effective. Some people also think that this method is an upgraded and improved version of [honey method] or [extraction method].

In our country’s cosmetics standard, it is also classified as depilation cosmetics. According to the wax used, it is divided into [hot wax] and [frozen wax], and its main components are various resins with strong adhesion.

Before use, it is best to trim the hair to about 3 mm, apply the wax to the skin along the direction of hair growth, and then remove it against the direction of hair growth. With the pain of hair uprooting, the skin will suddenly become smooth and lovely!

This method lasts for 2-6 weeks, generally does not cause stimulation reactions caused by chemical substances, and has less allergy. However, it is not suitable for patients suffering from folliculitis, skin infection or wounds, and severe diabetes or varicose veins.

Ultimate Concern: Will New Hair Grow Thicker and More?

Many women have such worries or perplexities, fearing that the newly grown hair will become thicker and thicker and more after depilation.

In fact, whether it is pulling, scraping or depilation products, Hair removal has a certain timeliness, new hair will also grow out. To understand the above concerns, first of all, to understand the basic structure of hair: each hair is not completely uniform in thickness, hair root slightly thick, and hair tip slightly thin. The newly grown hair is also the previous hair root, after coming out is bound to be thicker than the previous hair tip, it seems darker and thicker.

However, there is no clinical data to confirm the statement that [hair will increase] so far (if so, it is not a major benefit for patients with alopecia or alopecia areata).

Finally, it is necessary to sum up: up to now, there is no depilation method that is economical, convenient, painless and lasting. You can only weigh the pros and cons and choose the most suitable method for you.

For depilation of sensitive skin or special parts, it is recommended that you consult a professional dermatologist to safely solve these [annoying silk].

Editor: Fu Ting

Author: Yuan Chao