Wrestling during pregnancy is very dangerous, it is very important to pay attention to safety.

People often see in all kinds of romantic dramas and costume dramas that pregnant people will cover their stomachs, look pale, bleed from their lower bodies, and then miscarry as long as they are pounced or fall down by cats and dogs.

So now expectant mothers are pregnant from the first test, Is protected like a giant panda, Dare not run, dare not jump, Always afraid of falling, the child is gone. Research shows that Pregnancy itself seems to increase the risk of falling, It may be related to ligament relaxation, weight gain, changes in body center of gravity and other reasons. Reports show that for healthy pregnant women without complications, The swing response to external interference has changed during the third trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, there is also a theoretical basis for easy falls after pregnancy. But it is not to the point where wrestling will cause miscarriage. The risk of wrestling during pregnancy is very dangerous for expectant mothers to wrestle. Because not only should we consider the injury to the body caused by the fall, Fetal injury should also be considered. The fetus is located in the pelvic cavity within 3 months of the first trimester of pregnancy. Protected by the mother’s pelvis, Unless it is a serious injury such as a pelvic fracture, General falls do not cause miscarriage. However, when the fetus has entered the abdominal cavity in the third trimester of pregnancy, falls become dangerous. The risk of pregnancy loss after minor trauma is less than 5%, but it does not mean that attention is not needed. Relatively minor maternal abdominal trauma, when there is no obvious manifestation, can also cause serious placental abruption. How to do after falling? After wrestling, one must first feel comfortable or not. Include stomachache, vaginal bleeding, vaginal fluid and other symptoms. If you have stomachache, vaginal bleeding, fluid flow, Lie down immediately, And transported to the nearest hospital with obstetrics. No obvious symptoms, You must also go to the hospital. Say important things twice, Be sure to go to the hospital. The first thing to do in obstetric examination is to monitor the fetal heart rate. A study reports that when there are no early warning symptoms (vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain), And the fetal heart monitoring results are normal, The probability of adverse outcomes directly related to trauma is extremely low. Therefore, at least four hours of fetal heart monitoring is very necessary. The second is to observe the fetus by ultrasound. Ultrasound may not be able to detect 100% signs of placental abruption or premature delivery. But it can give doctors clues, It is one of the important means to evaluate the safety of the fetus. Sometimes, although there is no vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, etc., Fetal heart monitoring is also normal, Some doctors also recommend staying in the hospital for 48 hours, In case of delayed placental abruption. If you have symptoms after falling, include stomachache, vaginal bleeding, vaginal fluid, The problem is a little serious. Stomach pain with vaginal bleeding may be caused by uterine contraction. It is the manifestation of threatened premature delivery, and it may also be more serious placental abruption. Vaginal fluid flow may be the rupture of fetal membranes, which is commonly known as [breaking water]. Once these symptoms occur, it is necessary to hurry to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Time is life. Timely treatment to protect the fetus and active treatment to promote fetal lung maturity can help prolong gestational weeks and improve fetal prognosis. Timely detection of placental abruption, Early termination of pregnancy can save the lives of the mother and fetus. If there is no problem with obstetric examination, However, it is suspected that there are other injuries, such as fractures or craniocerebral trauma, which require other departments to cooperate at this time. Some examinations should be done or need to be done. For example, pregnant women should have a single limb X-ray examination when necessary, which is harmless to the fetus and is of great help to the examination of fractures. MRI is the best choice to diagnose craniocerebral trauma. Although the prevention of falls will not result in abortion, It is best to avoid wrestling during pregnancy. Although there is no need to protect yourself like a giant panda, after all, with so much weight, you need to pay more attention to safety than others. Ensure environmental safety and avoid wires, messy articles, loose carpets and the like on the ground. Avoid slippery ground; Keep the surrounding light sufficient; Avoid storing things in high places, Avoid climbing. Shoes should be comfortable in high heels or with slippery soles. Or shoes too loose, can lead to falls. Barefoot or only wear socks, walking can also increase the risk of wrestling. Bathroom safety in the shower room to prepare shower seats, armrests, non-slip mats, can reduce the risk of falls. I hope everyone can protect themselves during pregnancy, safe through this period of the closest time with the baby.