18 Life Experiences Only Knowing After Wearing Braces

1. I made the most important decision in my life: whether to make it whole or not. This is a difficult decision.

The whole: It is very troublesome to return to the clinic every month. If the price is too high, it cannot be reimbursed. Not neat: I feel upset when I look in the mirror and see my teeth, not to mention looking for someone to reach the peak of my life.

2. I made the second most important decision in my life: I pulled out a good tooth when I said it was pulled out, whether it was pulled out or not.

3. Made the third most important decision in life: Why do you pay so much attention to brackets and how do you choose them… Metal? Ceramics? Or is it hidden beauty?

There is also this kind of braces attached to the inner side of the tooth, which can be seen from the outside…

4. After putting on braces, I found that everything was so simple and my whole body was relaxed. Then I recalled: How can I be so entangled with such a simple thing?

5. Just put on the braces for the first two weeks, it was sour and refreshing, and it was basically impossible to eat well. After two weeks, I didn’t feel any pain. I ate it delicious… … …

6. Have you said goodbye to the duck neck? No, still chew with braces (this is not taught by doctors! ).

However, there are always several times when the bracket suddenly falls off and the dentist has to be troubled to stick it back when eating delicious food happily. It turns out that the price of greedy people can be measured by money…

7. Every follow-up visit is a kind of expectation. Once a month, sitting on the dental chair and being illuminated by a lamp, seeing the dentist is as kind as seeing a big aunt. After each follow-up visit, my teeth are also a little uncomfortable, a little sour and a little painful, but at least much better than dysmenorrhea…

8. If the tooth brush is not clean, start to buy all kinds of floss and tooth brush, and brush them once every time after dinner. Snacks? After eating, you have to brush your teeth. Please, just quit…

9. The braces are ground so full of ulcers and pain… Start to buy all kinds of anti-wear mouth waxes.

10. Before wearing the braces, I was worried about whether the appearance would be affected during the correction, but the reality was: when the braces were quickly removed, an old friend suddenly asked me [when did you wear the braces], I said that my elder sister had been wearing the braces for more than a year and immediately removed them. I have a clearer understanding of my sense of existence. (Lifting the Table)

11. The selfie part changed from face to tooth. Of course, people with good faces will not have this one…

12. It will be found that the teeth gradually become loose, and some teeth begin to change in occlusion. For example, it feels that the upper and lower teeth are not correct and the chewing is not strong.

13. I like to share my experience of wearing braces with others, [I have seen many battles! ]

14. I couldn’t sleep excitedly the night before I took off my braces.

15. After taking out the braces, I found that my teeth are so beautiful that my lips haven’t touched my teeth for a year. Mua Da, make out well.

16. Then I found that there was still pain to be done, and I had to wear a retainer, and it was suggested to wear it 24 hours a day within six months after taking off the braces, and every night after that. However, most of my friends will be lazy ~

17. If you don’t wear children’s shoes with retainers well, you will find that your teeth are crooked again and your heart is very tired after a period of time.

18. Since then, braces have been my old friend, and there will be endless words when they are mentioned.