5 Tips for Arthritis Patients to Go to Kitchen

Even arthritis patients cannot give up the pleasure of creating delicious food and rewarding themselves, but only pay attention to some small skills:

1. Choose ergonomic kitchen utensils

Arthritis will affect fingers, wrists, elbows and other joints. Try to choose more ergonomic and lighter kitchen utensils when going down to the kitchen.

Doing so can reduce the pressure on joints and make the cooking process more handy.

Step 2 Use pots and pans with two handles

Holding a pan full of hot soup with one hand may sometimes lead to [accidental injuries in the kitchen].

The wrist strength of arthritis people may be difficult to support a heavy pot. It is better to match it with a cooker with two handles so that you can operate with both hands.

Step 3: Buy a special knife

Chopping vegetables is the most challenging kitchen task for joints. Choosing a special knife as shown above can make cutting vegetables easier and more convenient.

Step 4 Put a chair in the kitchen

Making a delicious meal may take more than an hour to stay in the kitchen, and standing for a long time may make you feel tired.

Prepare a chair in the kitchen, you can not only sit and cut vegetables, but also sit on the chair to rest while cooking soup.

Step 5 Prepare some fast food

You’d better prepare some fast food such as frozen dumplings and instant noodles in the kitchen first.

Although fast food may not seem so nutritious and delicious, when your arthritis attacks, pain and fatigue will prevent you from cooking or going out for food. It may be wiser to use fast food to solve the temporary food and clothing problem.