7 Necessary Skills for Using Condoms Well

Seeing the name of the condom, I believe you also understand the meaning…

Yes, condoms are to ensure safety-the safety of sexual behavior. Proper use of condoms can not only prevent contraception, but also prevent many diseases, so it is best to use them in all situations except those planning pregnancy!

But not everyone knows how to use these condoms.

Condom usage

Look directly at the picture and save it if you can’t remember it.

7 Techniques for Making Good Use of Condoms

1. Wear it in what?

Wearing a condom all the way means that Penis should wear it before he comes into contact with any other part.

Of course, wait until Penis is erect before wearing it, and don’t open it in advance.

Attention! [Only rub can’t get in] also want to wear!

2. After getting a condom, do these 3 points well first.

    Look at the packaging: pay attention to the date of production, don’t use it when it expires, and replace it with a new one. Look at the size: it must fit, too loose and easy to fall off when it is big, and too tight and easy to break when it is small. Do inspection: open the packaging from the corners (gently), don’t tear the condom, and then see if there is any damage (important! ). If the condom becomes sticky or brittle, it is likely that the rubber has deteriorated. Do not use it even during the retention period.

Step 3 Use only one at a time

Condoms are not more layers, the safer! If you use two at a time, it is easy to break the two layers of condoms when rubbing against each other, but it is not safe!

Step 4 Do not use it with fat-soluble lubricants

Fat-soluble lubricants (mainly products containing Vaseline) will react with rubber, causing condom damage.

It is recommended to use water-soluble lubricant, which will not affect the condom and has a great advantage-it will not dirty the bed sheets!

STEP 5 Don’t take too long

Generally, if OOXX lasts for more than 20 minutes, the lubricity will be relatively poor. It is not comfortable to rub it again, and the sleeve is easy to break.

At this time, either replace it with a new one or use some water-soluble lubricant.

Step 6 Wash your hands

After that, wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer under the running water. (You should have washed your hands before you started? )

7. Keep in a cool, dry place

Condoms are rubber products, afraid of heat and humidity, so condoms in trouser pockets are not so safe.

Just keep the condom in a cool and dry place, such as in a small family medicine cabinet, a cabinet or drawer where the sun cannot shine, and take it with you.