Only by looking at stomach trouble in this way can we save time, labor and money.

When I feel that my stomach is uncomfortable and has affected my life, I will go to the hospital to see a doctor first. I will not listen to my neighbors and buy health care products. Gastropathy, serious illness and minor illness symptoms are not very different. It is really not as simple as everyone thinks. Just take some stomach medicine casually.

When you feel uncomfortable in your stomach, you should first see a digestive doctor. Let’s talk about the process of seeing a doctor. How can you be most efficient, save time, labor and money?

Let’s look at it at the hospital outside our home first.

Everyone wants to go to a big hospital to see a doctor, but some of them are totally unnecessary and blindly run to Beishangguang to see a doctor. On the contrary, it is not good for health to travel on the road in vain.

If you feel uncomfortable with what, you can first find a doctor at the home clinic or the local primary hospital to make a basic judgment.

Most examinations, such as blood routine, stool routine, barium meal, gastroscope, CT and other examinations, can be carried out in the local hospital. Simple diseases, such as common duodenal ulcer and non-atrophic gastritis (also known as superficial gastritis in the past), can be well treated in the hospital at home.

If you need to go to a higher-level hospital, you must bring all kinds of previous examination results and drugs (including traditional Chinese medicine and health care products) you are taking. These can not only help doctors judge the development of the disease, but also reduce repeated expenses sometimes.

Some people also say that large hospitals will not recognize the examination of primary hospitals. In fact, it is not. Even if the same examination is to be done again in large hospitals, the examination results in the local area still have certain comparative value.

How to choose a reliable hospital?

Choose a hospital and a doctor to check the hospital’s official website or use Dr. Clove App’s recommendation for medical treatment. Never be tempted by medical care or fake advertisements.

General public hospitals rarely advertise with great fanfare, However, some irresponsible private hospitals often buy the front position on the search engine to cheat everyone’s click, such as [XXX old folk prescription, one-time treatment of old stomach trouble], [100% prevention of recurrence] and other publicity must arouse everyone’s vigilance. A responsible medical institution will never make such a promise.

Another thing that needs to be noted is that some military hospitals and some departments of local armed police hospitals may have been privately contracted. It is also very important to correctly identify the true face of these hospitals!

For treatment in large hospitals, make an appointment for registration in advance.

At present, most hospitals provide telephone reservation and online reservation functions, and many hospitals have begun to try WeChat reservation. Advance reservation can not only save time, but also avoid the risk of not hanging up the number when you arrive at the hospital.

What if you can’t always meet well-known experts?

To see a doctor in a big hospital is not to say that one has to deal with the titles of dean, academician, director, etc. After all, this level of expert number is relatively scarce and difficult to get the number. Blindly looking for this level of expert will delay the illness instead. Can be introduced through the hospital website, more suitable for their doctors.

If you have arrived at the hospital but have not hung up the expert number of the day, you can also go to the general outpatient service first to improve the relevant examinations, and then make a new appointment for the expert outpatient service after the examination results come out.

Be prepared and get twice the result with half the effort.

At present, the outpatient clinics of large 3A hospitals are basically very crowded, and the time for each patient to communicate with doctors may be only 5-10 minutes. If you can prepare your medical history in advance and want to know the problems, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

Take common stomachache as an example, before going to the hospital, think about these questions:

    Did you feel pain when you came from what? Where does it hurt the most? Have you been taking drugs, Chinese herbal medicines and health products that may hurt your stomach and liver for a long time? How does it hurt? Is it a dull pain or a knife-like pain? Pain before meals or after meals? Have you ever had what before? Have you ever had liver diseases and gallbladder diseases? Does the family have what hereditary disease? Does the family have gastric cancer and other diseases? Have you ever taken what medicine this time? How did it work? The previous test result was what?

When describing the disease condition, it is not necessary to repeat it many times, but only to explain it clearly.

Medical records and various examinations of local hospitals must be carried with them. These materials can help doctors to better understand the disease condition. Some examinations that do not need to be repeated can also save time and reduce economic burden.

May have a what check?

For patients with stomachache, the most frequently prescribed examination by doctors is gastroscopy. Gastroscopy can observe the mucosal conditions of stomach and duodenum under direct vision, which is the best way to diagnose the cause of stomachache.

Before gastroscopy, blood tests (blood routine, coagulation series, hepatitis B, etc.) and electrocardiogram are generally required. With the results of these tests, you can make an appointment for gastroscopy.

The general gastroscope report can be obtained after the gastroscope is completed. If the biopsy is taken, it may take several days to obtain the pathological results before the report can be obtained. After the report is obtained, you should go to the outpatient department to make an appointment with the corresponding expert for treatment.

Ask what when to review

Some stomach diseases, such as gastric ulceration, Helicobacter pylori infection, etc., after taking medicine, besides looking at the symptoms, you also need to come to the hospital to judge whether the condition has improved through some examinations.

When seeing a doctor, remember to ask the doctor if he wants to come for a reexamination, and what for a reexamination.

If the doctor requests a reexamination, he must come on time. Don’t stop taking the medicine just because his symptoms are good.

Don’t believe in hearsay

As the saying goes, “a long illness makes a doctor”, but on the way to becoming a doctor, one must choose reliable sources of knowledge and never believe hearsay.

Don’t believe the folk folk prescription, the casual words of the neighborhood aunt, and the groundless rumors that go crazy in the circle of friends. If you interrupt the treatment casually according to this information, you will only suffer more.

Professional doctors still need to continue to study and further study. The most authoritative experts in the country have to discuss new treatment plans every few years. Do you really want to listen to the words of your neighbor’s aunt?