8 Things Never Do After Acne

The issue of acne is really annoying, but if you have the right countermeasures, you can eliminate them all.

On the contrary, some wrong behaviors will also make acne more serious.

Let’s talk about 8 things that cannot be done after acne.

1. Self-pity

The first thing to do is to keep your mind at ease.

In fact, most acne is genetically determined and has family aggregation. If parents are prone to acne, so are children.

Some people are naturally prone to acne, not entirely because doing what or not doing what’s personal behavior will not cause acne.

Therefore, don’t complain to yourself, instead of complaining, take some time to learn how to solve the problem.

Step 2 Squeeze acne

I have acne on my face, and I can’t help but want to squeeze it.

A gentle squeeze may not cause too much damage. Frequent squeezing of acne will cause damage to the skin, leading to the spread of inflammation and easy leaving of acne marks.

In fact, we can go to the hospital and let professional people help us with the squeeze. Specifically, how is a process. We can see < < Be careful of acne turning into acne: keep your hands under control and let the doctor help you squeeze > >.

Step 3 Excessive skin cleaning

People with acne always think that it is caused by dust on their skin, so they constantly wash their faces, exfoliate and carry out excessive skin cleaning.

However, such excessive cleaning usually does more harm than good to the skin. Face cleaning is very important, but don’t cause the skin to be too dry due to excessive cleaning. It is enough to clean the skin two to three times a day.

Scrubbing hard will irritate the skin and aggravate inflammation. If flushing, burning sensation or sting sadness occur, it means that cleaning is too hard.

Of course, exfoliation is sometimes necessary to keep your skin cleaner. Regular exfoliation can help pores excrete grease and make your skin softer. Gentle peeling usually has no what problem, but it is worth noting that many acne treatments already contain exfoliation.

For more questions about exfoliation, can you see that the skin is dark yellow, which is caused by the stratum corneum? > >

Step 4 Disagree

Understanding the truth, development process and correct treatment of acne is the key to eliminate acne.

Acne, also known as acne, is a multi-cause skin disease:

1. Acne bacillus on the skin surface is naturally oily. Once the sebaceous gland secretes too much oil, the metabolites of Acne bacillus will induce and aggravate local inflammation;

2. Abnormal keratinization of hair follicle mouth, if there is no bacterial infection, it will become acne; If there is bacterial infection, it will eventually turn into papules or cysts.

Therefore, it is still necessary to wash your face and moisturize your skin properly to avoid excessive grease on the skin surface.

In addition, diet and acne are indeed related to a certain extent, so try to avoid using foods with high sugar index (such as cream cake, bread, etc.), dairy products, saturated fatty acids, etc. There are also some foods that should be eaten more during acne development. Click to see < < Overcome acne, how to eat? > >

However, the biggest misconception may be that once acne develops, one can only let nature take its course and let it die of its own accord!

Acne can also be treated, don’t disagree with it.

Step 5 Pay for [Secret Recipe]

There are many so-called “secret recipes”, such as nutrition, Chinese herbal medicines and vitamins, that claim to help patients treat acne. These creams containing “secret recipes” may only last for a few days. However, many patients believe this! Is it too magical to bring the patient’s skin back to life just by adding some vitamins or using what Magic Cream? !

No matter how professional the website or how convincing the rhetoric is, there is no guarantee that the product can completely eliminate acne. With the emergence of isoretinoic acid, this is a product that may have strong acne removal effect, and under this most professional treatment, it can only control acne.

Don’t put hard-earned money into acne-removing products with unknown effects.

6. Not actively cooperating with treatment

We must persist in treatment.

Instead of going out to work because I was too busy in the morning and going to bed because I was too tired when I came back at night. Or sometimes simply forget. Every interruption of treatment means that the therapeutic effect is greatly reduced.

Do not replace them repeatedly between acne-removing products

Yes, a few weeks of treatment looks as long as a lifetime, but if you want a treatment to work, please wait patiently. Repeated attempts between various treatment methods will only prolong the treatment time indefinitely.

To understand the treatment plan

Is this medicine only for night use? Can oral medicine be taken during meals? These questions should be consulted with a dermatologist and the instructions should be followed when reusing.

Only by doing this can we obtain more satisfactory curative effect.

7. Refusal to seek medical treatment

In the face of acne, most people prefer to go to pharmacies. If you are lucky, the medicine you buy at the pharmacy can also solve the problem. However, if the curative effect is not good for more than 12 weeks, then it is time to see a doctor.

Most people often refuse to see a doctor. Perhaps they will say that they are busy, or they may think that acne is not very serious, and they hope that the medicine bought in the pharmacy can help you come back to life. But the more you delay your illness, the harder it will be to control acne. The more serious the acne is, the higher the possibility of leaving scars.

Many people regret not being able to see a doctor as soon as possible. Therefore, don’t hesitate any more and go to see a dermatologist in a regular hospital.

8. Theory of ineffective treatment

After trying thousands of treatments, if acne still exists, the whole person will become bad. At this time, it is natural to think of giving up treatment.

In fact, there are many effective acne treatment methods now, but they have not been combined correctly, or perhaps they just need to consult a dermatologist.

Acne treatment varies from person to person and may take longer than expected. However, the right treatment method, the right doctor’s guidance, the patience and perseverance to try bravely will eventually help you overcome acne.

Don’t give up! Success is on the other side.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Qing