Li Bingbing had a high fever in Australia for 16 days and returned home to say it was tonsillitis?

I saw the news that Li Bingbing had been injected with needles before, but today’s news said that Li Bingbing had a high fever in Australia for 16 consecutive days. People had collapsed to the point where they could not walk and doctors could not make a definite diagnosis. He returned home overnight and was sent to Concorde Hospital, where he was diagnosed as suppurative tonsillitis.]

Tonsillitis is not high fever sore throat, suppurative tonsillitis is how to return a responsibility? Why is Li Bingbing so serious?

Is this [suppurative tonsillitis] a symptom of what?

For acute suppurative tonsillitis, the incubation period is usually 3-4 days, often the party concerned has a sore throat on one side first, which slowly develops into both sides, and the pain intensifies during swallowing.

If the virulence of bacteria is strong, it happens that the parties concerned have decreased immunity due to cold or tiredness, which may cause systemic symptoms, such as fever, chills, etc. In addition, some patients may also have earache, tinnitus or hearing loss.

However, the doctors of Concorde easily saw through everything.

This disease is usually quite typical in symptoms, and the examination is as simple as these. For domestic otolaryngologists, it is a piece of cake to see through what they see.

(1) Oropharyngeal examination: Open your mouth and see pharyngeal congestion and redness and swelling of tonsils. For more serious suppurative tonsillitis, there will be pus spots, even connecting into pieces to form [pseudomembrane], that is, seeing [white into one piece].

(2) Blood examination: Blood test shows that the total number of white blood cells and neutrophils are increased.

(3) Urine examination: Some patients may have temporary proteinuria.

Tonsillitis delayed for so long without quick treatment, how to treat it? Do you need to cut off your tonsils?

For acute suppurative tonsillitis, it is generally an infection caused by hemolytic streptococcus B or other pathogenic bacteria. Blood routine tests of most patients show that the total number of white blood cells and neutrophil count are increased. Once the infection is confirmed, antibiotics walk, what have fever and chills, and a shot of penicillin is completed.

However, when there is abscess formation or anaerobic infection, some other drugs should be added, but the principle remains unchanged:

Control the infection first! Control the infection first! Control the infection first!

In addition to this magical antibiotic, if the sore throat is severe, you can take some pain-relieving drugs and rinse your mouth with alkaline gargle to relieve it slightly. For patients with fever, you can physically cool down, take some antipyretic drugs and treat them symptomatically.

However, it should be mentioned here that tonsillitis in the acute phase is not suitable for tonsillectomy. As for the operation, it can be considered after the acute infection is controlled.

Should we pay attention to what in our life after the ice?

After a serious illness, we were exhausted physically and mentally, which made us feel very distressed.

We should have full rest, stay away from alcohol and tobacco, drink more water, strengthen nutrition and ensure smooth defecation.

In eating this matter, we should eat a light diet and fast spicy, barbecued and greasy food. In the short term, if your throat is still uncomfortable, you can choose to eat liquid food first, that is, porridge and noodles.

Does tonsillitis have to be sent to Concorde Hospital to be saved?

Suppurative tonsillitis is menacing and has made us terrible. However, this disease is really not a serious illness. It is the real thing to go to a regular hospital nearby and start treatment as soon as possible.

As long as the diagnosis is clear, it is not necessary to go to Concorde.

You said you didn’t know how to choose a hospital? Don’t be ridiculous, just tell you that [doctor clove] App last time, just use [medical recommendation]!