A cup of yogurt every day to prevent diabetes? There is some truth in it.

The most painful thing to do with diabetes is to say goodbye to delicious food.

For example, milk and yogurt, many people think they cannot drink them from now on.

But is this really the case? Today Dr. Clove will tell you about it.

Can diabetics drink milk?

The answer is yes, diabetics can drink milk.

Milk contains about 4.6% lactose, but the digestion speed of lactose itself is very slow, and the milk protein contained therein is also conducive to delaying the digestion speed after meals.

Therefore, milk not only has a very low postprandial blood sugar response, but also can reduce the blood sugar response of mixed foods if milk is eaten together with staple foods.

In other words, if you used to eat hot water to soak oatmeal and now soak oatmeal with hot milk, the increase in blood sugar after meal will be lower than before.

As long as the total calorie intake in a day does not exceed the doctor’s requirements, drinking milk is actually good for maintaining stable blood sugar.

Can diabetics drink yogurt?

Diabetics can also drink yogurt.

Although sugar is added to yogurt, the blood sugar of the same amount of rice and steamed bread still rises much slower, because lactic acid in yogurt can delay gastric emptying and help control postprandial blood sugar.

Therefore, when diabetics choose food, the rate of blood sugar rise in food is what we should consider more, and whether the taste is sweet or not is not the key.

In this way, yogurt can certainly be drunk. However, if you can make your own yogurt, add less sugar, or simply add a sugar-free sweetener, the blood sugar response will be lower and better for diabetics.

Drinking yogurt regularly may also prevent diabetes.

Yes, drinking yogurt for a long time may prevent diabetes.

A study published in 2014 by Harvard University’s School of Public Health combined long-term follow-up data from up to 195,000 respondents to analyze the relationship between dairy intake and patients’ diabetes risk.

The results showed that the risk of type 2 diabetes was significantly lower for people with high yogurt intake, regardless of age, weight and other disease risk factors than for people who seldom drink yogurt.

So, how much yogurt do you need to drink every day to reduce the risk of diabetes?

According to the analysis of this study, drinking an average of one serving of yogurt (28 grams, that is, two tablespoons) per day and sticking to it for many years can reduce the risk of diabetes by as much as 18%.

In our country, the minimum package of yogurt products is 100g, about 4 portions, which seems more than enough.

If drinking yogurt can really prevent diabetes, it is definitely good news, because the number of diabetes patients in our country is too large.

However, the relevant research is done abroad after all. Can Chinese people prevent diabetes by drinking a small cup of yogurt every day? This problem needs more research to prove.

But even so, Dr. Clove should encourage everyone to drink yogurt.

Because yogurt is delicious and rich in calcium and vitamin B, moderate drinking has no effect on diabetes, so we can have a small cup every day.