A doctor’s self-report: Why don’t I see relatives and friends?

Later, watching the American TV series “Sex Master”, As a senior gynecologist professor, William asked his disciples to treat his wife’s infertility. It seems that this custom also exists abroad, This deepened my curiosity. I once asked my mentor specifically about this issue. His answer made me even more foggy: Later, An accidental incident, Let me have a clearer understanding of this problem. The cause of an experience I saw my husband was also very simple. Mr. Wang pulled out his last wisdom tooth while doing orthodontics in other hospitals. The extraction of this tooth is quite traumatic. I didn’t rest well after the operation, I didn’t take any anti-inflammatory drugs either. After tooth extraction, He has been feeling a faint pain, To sleep poorly, The range of pain widened. On the first day… I began to doubt whether Mr. Wang had dry socket disease. Dry socket disease mainly occurs after the extraction of impacted mandibular wisdom teeth. Bone wound infection caused by oral bacteria. At present, most people think that trauma and infection and large tooth extraction socket are the main causes. I have been in the hospital for several years, but I haven’t seen several patients with dry socket. Is it dry socket? Try taking oral painkillers (the pain-relieving effect of oral painkillers for patients with dry socket is not good). Mr. Wang took painkillers honestly, The report said: I am not at ease, Let me have a look at him after work. But in the end, because my husband was afraid of pain and my heart was soft, I think since I took the painkillers, It worked, be optimistic, maybe it’s not a dry trough. Forget it, just give him a touch of food residue on the surface. So I ignored his bad wound and faint smell of corruption in his mouth. The next day… the painkillers worked out, and Mr. Wang reported: I was a little worried, asked my teacher for help, the teacher saw, dry trough! Huh? I’m drooping. This time, I tried to put myself in the position of a doctor, He was examined, It is decided that the granulation in the tooth extraction socket should be completely scraped under local anesthesia, Rinse with hydrogen peroxide and place iodoform gauze. After the treatment is completed, Mr. Wang breathed a sigh of relief after the disaster. The scraped blood clot was studied and discussed professionally by us. It was concluded that, The teacher was right, Atypical dry socket. I comforted him by saying: This is the end of the story, I have no connection with the previous problem of “no cure for my illness” at all. If the next thing hadn’t happened… on the third day… my husband sent me wechat, Said dizziness, nausea, uncomfortable. I didn’t care at that time, I think he hasn’t had a good rest in the past few days, As a result of not being able to keep up with the meal, He continued to urge him to take anti-inflammatory drugs. In the evening, He called to say his stomach was killing him, Eat what and vomit what. Just as my college classmates went to fetch things from him, After seeing his symptoms, Call me to say that it may be the gastrointestinal reaction caused by taking metronidazole. He also asked me why I let him take anti-inflammatory drugs since I had shaved them clean. I explained on the phone: If you don’t cure yourself, The onlookers can see through this, I understood in an instant that [illness will not cure myself, the onlooker ‘s eye-catching remark, Understood what the mentor said: When doctors treat their families, Can’t avoid emotional influence, It is hard to avoid feeling nervous, anxious, Even doubted. To the doctor, Clinical determination is required, But once the front is afraid of wolves and the back is afraid of tigers, You will hesitate to make a decision. Like me, Simpler symptoms, Or diagnose the closest people, Don’t want him to be treated again, As a result, the treatment was delayed. Later, to be on the safe side, Let the husband take anti-inflammatory drugs that are not necessary (and there are two kinds), As a result, there was a drug reaction, This is a mistake of over-treatment. This is one loose and one tight in tandem. It is absolutely impossible to see strangers on weekdays. So, if doctors are allowed to treat their relatives and friends for serious and complicated diseases and life-threatening operations, how needs a state of mind in order to keep the clarity in his heart and avoid emotional influence. Can do it without being affected at all, I really need a strong heart. Some Reflections on the Inautonomy of Medicine 1. Concern leads to confusion because the relationship is too close. It is often impossible to carry out diagnosis, examination, prescription, surgery, etc. calmly. It is easy to mix many unnecessary worries and worries in the diagnosis process. This will disturb the doctor’s original objective analysis and diagnostic thinking, Lead to misdiagnosis and mistreatment. For example, there are many tests that are harmful to the patient’s body, painful or expensive. Among several tests for the same purpose, The choice of method is often influenced by the doctor’s subjective thinking. When the doctor prescribes, The choice of drugs has a similar subjective influence. For example: Some drugs are the first choice, But there are big side effects, You may have scruples about yourself or your family and try to be safe. You will give up or reduce the dosage. The idiom [deep feeling] refers to deep feeling, The intention is heavy, When the intention is heavy, There is more persistence, Think much, Concern is chaos. Afraid of taking the wrong medicine for yourself and your family or the effect is not in place, If it was another doctor, Just take the medicine according to the prescription. 2. If you care, the surgeon will operate on the family. Often the hand will shake, Motion disorder, Or the pursuit of perfection, Too meticulous, As a result, the operation time is too prolonged or the operation process is too complicated. 3. There is a prerequisite for relatives and friends to lack reverence for medical effects: Patients actively cooperate. [Medical Inautonomy] Often because patients are too close or familiar with factors, Lack of awe, It is not easy to cooperate. Generally speaking, The patient regards the doctor as his lifeline, Out of awe, Do what the doctor says. Otherwise, It is difficult to practice medicine. Doctors and their families are also required to [follow the doctor’s advice]. 4. Don’t care about details. Many doctors think they are of high standard. I don’t care about some symptoms of my body, I always feel that it is not too late to wait any longer. As a result, the illness was delayed. What is even more strange is that Many doctors die of diseases they are best at. Many doctors’ families rely on having doctors at home. Not paying attention to health preservation, If you have a minor illness, you don’t pay attention to it. Don’t pay attention to nursing. Many doctors deal with patients all day long, There are many kinds of severe and dangerous diseases in clinical practice, I don’t care much about some minor problems of myself and my family, If you drag on and on, Finally, it became a serious illness, incurable and regretful. 5. It is difficult to avoid suspicion that an old man is ill. Many children, daughters-in-law and son-in-law are talkative. Even if some children are doctors, they are helpless. Also, when the patient is admitted to the hospital where his children work or even the ward under his own management, the problem is even more: what do his medical colleagues think and what do other patients say? Judging from these items, my small curettage operation accounts for two factors, not to mention other diseases. Doctors need reason. Relatives are emotional. Doctors will inevitably lose reason when facing close people. This is human nature. Returning to the original topic: Should doctors treat themselves or their relatives and friends? I agree with my mentor’s point of view: