As you get older, you forget things and learn how to deal with them skillfully.

Most middle-aged and old friends have encountered such troubles. It seems that as soon as they get older, I found that I can’t remember anything. Either I can’t remember the telephone number of my son and daughter’s home, or I can’t remember the name suddenly when I see an old acquaintance. Encountered such a thing, people always feel very depressed and feel that they are old and useless. Don’t think so, let’s think about it together. Why do you forget things when you get old? Our age, lifestyle, daily activities and health habits all affect our brain health. What are the factors that make people forget things? The hippocampus, which is responsible for information integration and memory storage, may be damaged as people get older. As people get older, the secretion of hormones and proteins that stimulate the growth and repair of nerve cells will decline. The blood flow in the brain of the elderly will decrease, which will affect the cognitive level of the elderly. The absorption and utilization of neurotrophic substances by the elderly will decline. Depression can make it difficult for people to concentrate and remember things. Vitamin B12 deficiency; Thyroid diseases; Alcoholism; Lack of water in the body; Side effects of some drugs. After consulting a doctor, After avoiding these factors as much as possible, If you want to remember things, We also need to use our brains and remind them frequently. If you want not to forget things, you need to use your brains more often. As you get older, people retire, but the brain cannot retire. Brain cells, like our muscles, will have the phenomenon of “using in and disusing out”. If you don’t pay attention to making the brain [move] at ordinary times, then this phenomenon of “forgetting things” will be even more serious. So, how can you make the brain move? Here are some tips for you: playing chess or cards; Play Sudoku; Reading newspapers and books; Get into the habit of learning new things: a new sport, a language, for example. If you want to remember things, you should remind the reminders here frequently, including self-reminders and reminders from external forces. The only purpose of doing this is to make these reminders become our brain assistants and help us to write down things. How to remind frequently? 1. Record more: If you have an important appointment or event, you can write it down on a common notepad, or write it down on a post-it note and post it in a conspicuous place to remind yourself. If a what dish is cooked once, Afraid I don’t know what to do in the future, Or take out a small notebook, Write down the cooking steps of this dish on it, Lest you forget. 2. Regularity: Regular placement of articles is also a way to remind. This kind of reminder is not a reminder from the brain, but a reminder from the muscles. After regular placement of articles, anyone who wants to take what in the future can subconsciously help us achieve our goal. 3. Make good use of tools: if there is a clear time point, you can set an alarm clock for yourself, and when the time point comes, you will remind us. If you are traveling and suddenly can’t remember how to go, you can get the direction with the help of maps. Although it is easy to forget things when you are old and there are natural factors, as long as we use our brains and various methods to remind ourselves, we can avoid this kind of situation as much as possible and improve the quality of life.