A father-to-be who loves his wife must not do these four things.

Let his wife do too much housework,

There are all kinds of garbage and humid environment in the kitchen, which can be said to be the favorite place for germs. The expectant mother in the early pregnancy will be especially sensitive, and the lampblack in the kitchen will easily make her nausea and vomiting. Therefore, expectant mothers had better stay away from the kitchen.

In addition, some household cleaners, such as organic solvents, pesticides and other products, may endanger the health of expectant mothers.

Dad-to-be should take the initiative to take on more housework.

Smoking at home

Many smoking husbands only want to be happy, but they seldom pay attention to whether the [second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke] he releases will cause harm to his wife.

A large number of studies have proved that secondhand smoke can cause serious harm to human health, leading to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. Secondhand smoke may also lead to low birth weight of newborns and other adverse consequences.

Third-hand smoke refers to smoke pollutants that remain on the surfaces and dust of clothes, walls, carpets, furniture, even hair and skin after smoking. These substances can be released back into the air and continue to harm human health. The most troublesome thing is that there is currently no way to completely eliminate third-hand smoke.

How harmful is smoking? Click here to look at a picture and read the smoke that harms others and harms oneself.

If you want to be a reliable father-to-be, you must not smoke.

Third, do not learn maternity knowledge

Most expectant mothers will actively learn about maternity and parenting from the beginning of preparing for pregnancy, and a reliable expectant father should do the same.

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You know, the expectant father can’t replace the expectant mother to go to [conceive in October], so understanding the relevant knowledge is a good opportunity to [empathize], not only can you better understand the wife’s feelings, but also can help the wife to use scientific methods to carry out pregnancy health care together, which is definitely an excellent support.

If you have time, it is better to dance pregnant women’s health exercises with expectant mothers.

4. Say Words that Hurt Wife

Some couples may have good feelings, but expectant mothers may become moody after pregnancy.

A qualified father-to-be should know that pregnant women not only have a big change in body and appetite, but also have a big change in psychology. They will be moody, fragile and sensitive, and will easily fall into various bad emotions such as worry, nervousness, anxiety and even depression.

Therefore, a reliable father-to-be must remember that no matter what the mother-to-be becomes, [fighting back or not, scolding or not returning words] is the basic requirement. In addition to expressing understanding, she should also use more consideration and care to make her feel safe.

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To care for your wife, start by helping her buy some beautiful and comfortable maternity clothes.