Buddha Bowl: A New Healthy Diet

I eat and drink too much during the holiday, and I am under great pressure to work overtime. Recently, do you want to give you a [fasting period] to clear your intestines and stomach, but I don’t know how to match the ingredients? Recommend a new healthy diet: [Buddha Bowl].

Buddha Bowl

Fo Bowl, also known as Luohan Bowl, was first popular among vegetarians. It is characterized by a variety of ingredients, balanced collocation, rich nutrition supply, taste matching according to sex, and can be made very quickly and conveniently.

In order to make a delicious [Buddha bowl] that can help you lose weight, you usually need the following basic ingredients: whole wheat grains + high-quality protein + a large number of vegetables. The advanced version of the ingredients also includes various kinds of nuts, oilseeds and sauces according to your preference.

1. Grain, potato, coarse grains, coarse cereals

Brown rice/quinoa/black rice/millet/oats/corn/red beans/mung beans etc

If you are not used to whole coarse grains, you can cook rice at a ratio of 2: 1 between refined rice and brown rice at the beginning, and increase the ratio of coarse grains after adaptation. A variety of whole grains will be mixed and the taste will be richer.

In addition, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, potatoes, and various miscellaneous beans (kidney beans, flower beans, red beans) are also good staple food choices.

2. High-quality protein foods

Thin beef and mutton/skinned chicken and duck/fish and shrimp/chickpeas/eggs/tofu, etc

If you are not a vegetarian, you can give priority to fish and shrimp, followed by peeled chicken, duck and poultry meat, or thin beef and mutton.

If you are a vegetarian, you must ensure sufficient protein intake. Egg-milk vegetarianism can use eggs and cheese. Strict vegetarians should enrich the variety of ingredients as much as possible and attach importance to bean products. Besides bean curd, there are bean curd skin, dried bean curd, vegetarian chicken, etc.

Protein-rich beans, soybeans, chickpeas and black beans can be made into soya-bean milk, or mixed with rice to make miscellaneous bean rice, or the bean dregs left over from soya-bean milk can be simply stir-fried with chopped green onion, which is delicious.

STEP 3 Lots of Vegetables

Any vegetable! Whether you are baked, boiled, steamed or eaten raw, it is OK!

Chinese people are used to eating hot dishes and hot soup. It is better to blanch or steam vegetables. Not only does the volume of vegetables become smaller, which is conducive to increasing intake, but also anti-nutritional factors such as oxalic acid and phytic acid can be removed. It is suitable for the elderly and children with poor digestive function.

4. Nut oilseeds

Nuts, cashew nuts/walnuts/green roots/almonds/pecans/pistachios/peanuts etc

Oilseeds, sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/watermelon seeds, etc

You can add a small amount of food according to your personal preference.

Step 5: Sauce

Oil vinegar/butter jam/virgin olive oil/yogurt, etc., according to personal taste

There are not only old dopted mother sauce, thousand island sauce and salad sauce. Nuts are a healthy fashion for sauce. Peanuts, cashew nuts and other nuts are added with avocado, yogurt, a small amount of salt and black pepper to form a slightly thick sauce, which is mellow in taste, reduces some calories, and can also supplement various unsaturated fatty acids, mineral elements and antioxidants.

Essentials of Eating

The choice of ingredients should be as diversified as possible. While [fasting], sufficient protein should also be ensured. Cooking methods should be cooking, steaming and baking, which do not require too much oil, and the seasoning should be as light as possible.

The following are some recommended TOP Buddha bowls with double value (color value + nutritional value).