A Mother’s True Test Tube Story (3): The salpingography did not show up, so I decided to try a test tube baby.

The last story said that the hero had a salpingography and found that the condition of the fallopian tube was not good and the chance of natural pregnancy was very small.

Next, how should she choose?

The doctor’s warning alerted me

It is not easy to make this decision.

In the 2 months after I finished the lipiodol radiography, I did not dare to touch the topic of IVF, because I still could not accept the reality of [unable to conceive naturally] and was very hesitant.

However, the doctor warned me not to wait too long, because age has a great influence on ovarian function, follicular growth and embryo implantation, so I should do it while I am young.

The success rate of [IVF] depends on many factors, such as age, uterine and ovarian conditions, the presence or absence of other diseases and endocrine conditions.

The success rate varies greatly among different people, generally speaking, it is about 40% ~ 50%. For women with infertility caused by tubal problems, young women with good ovarian function, the success rate of IVF will be relatively high.

Among these reasons, the influence of women’s age is the most significant, especially after women are 40 years old, the quality and quantity of eggs will decline, and the success rate will plummet to 10% ~ 20%, while once they are over 45 years old, the success rate is even less than 10%.

Therefore, the treatment of infertility must be done as early as possible, preferably not more than 35 years old.

The encouragement of relatives and friends makes me strong.

My father said that some things have to be faced sooner or later. It is better to face them earlier than later.

My mother was thinking about me. She said that if I didn’t want to do it, she didn’t care, because for her, my health and happiness were her expectations. However, she was also worried that I would feel lonely and regretful because I didn’t have children when I was old. At that time, any effort might be useless.

I know that my parents will unconditionally support any decision I make. Their love for me makes me still want children when I am disappointed.

I am not only the child of my parents, my parents-in-law treat me as well as my own, caring for me very much, and my husband is honest and kind, and loves me very much. In the night of insomnia, I looked at his face and silently said to myself, even if I eat more bitter, I will have a child.

But what strengthens my confidence is my long-standing wish.

When I was not pregnant, I prayed that I could give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby, hoping that TA would [be able to live alone if I was poor, and help the world if I reached it]. Although I experienced terrible ectopic pregnancy and could hardly get pregnant naturally, I was not without any way to fulfill my good wish.

I believe that when heaven closes one door, it will open another window.

For the sake of everyone and myself, I finally made a decision to be a test-tube baby.