A picture reads, balanced diet, should eat like this

Everyone has to face an ultimate problem every day-eating what today.

It is not difficult to decide to eat what, but only how can eat well and be good for his health?

The answer is four words: balanced diet.

In detail, it is better to eat 12 kinds of food every day and 25 kinds of food every week.

If you say it in more detail, read out the names of this long list of food… I’m afraid you won’t remember it.

It doesn’t matter, today Dr. Clove used a picture to tell you how to eat [balanced diet].

Ready? Then let’s serve ~

To sum up, there are five sentences:

    There are various foods, mainly cereals. Eat dynamic balance, healthy weight; Eat more fruits and vegetables, milk soybeans; Fish, poultry, eggs and meat are available in an appropriate amount. Sugar control, alcohol restriction, less salt and less oil.