A Record of Nurturing Dads: Dealing with Three Aunts and Six Grandmothers Together with Wife

In the last article, the cultivation of dads: starting from the time the wife is pregnant! > > Speaking of pregnancy, pregnancy is very stressful. I want to say, yes, very big, very big, really very big! Moreover, this kind of pressure is not simply due to worries about the safety of mother and child, changes in living conditions and hormone disorders. The biggest pressure is probably [there is a kind of cold that makes the family think you are cold].

This time, I’d like to tell you about the [bear relatives] we met and how we did it. It’s not necessarily the best way, everyone has different opinions and have fun.

Can’t you have cats and dogs when you are pregnant?

There is a little Koji in the family, which is the above product.

Although occasionally a little naughty on weekdays, but more is to bring us endless joy. However, since my parents and relatives learned about my wife’s pregnancy, they have calculated on this little fellow:

Give it away, you have to take care of the pregnant woman and take care of it.

Don’t raise it, it’s so dirty!

Really, pregnant women can’t have dogs, your grandfather said.

I heard the third nephew of the second uncle of the seventh elder sister-in-law and his colleague say that the one in the village next door was pregnant and had a dog. As a result, people died!

Parents woo relatives to make all kinds of phone calls and come to their homes, using carrot and stick in order to keep this [dangerous] [unhygienic] little thing away from pregnant women.

In fact, when we were preparing for pregnancy, we consulted a doctor and checked a lot of information. First, let’s talk about the risks of having cats and dogs during pregnancy:

1. Toxoplasma gondii

If you want to get Toxoplasma gondii because of pet people, you have to never wash your hands first, and then let your cat go out to the wild for 10 days and a half months. Only when the cat really gets Toxoplasma gondii and eats its fresh poop within 24 hours can you have a 40% chance of getting Toxoplasma gondii, and there is no guarantee that it will definitely enter the fetus.

All right, all right, seriously, the doctor said this:

Several ways of human infection with Toxoplasma gondii can be summarized as follows: eating immature meat and contacting feces excreted by other final hosts of Toxoplasma gondii, such as cat feces. Normal contact with pets will not cause infection.

2. Parasites

Regular bathing and physical examination in regular pet hospitals can greatly reduce the probability of human infection with parasites.

Step 3: Pets Bite

Are you crazy? Who keeps a mad dog at home that does not recognize its owner and still touches him? Besides, whose mad dog do you see wearing such a handsome bow tie? !

What are the benefits of having pets during pregnancy?

Needless to say, first of all, he is already a member of our family. Secondly, dogs can relieve the bad spirit and thoughts of pregnant women when they are present, especially when their husbands are away, which can effectively reduce the probability of prenatal depression.

So our dog did Toxoplasma gondii examination, comprehensive parasite examination and other work, persuaded the family with science, and left this little thing after ensuring that it was correct.

[Struggle] with Parents and Relatives

During the wife’s pregnancy, we broke the [four old] and violated the [taboo] of pregnancy without scruple. For example, what ate hairy crabs, cola, chili and so on. In fact, as a new generation of post-80s novice parents, the coexistence of rationality and wisdom is simply a new standard in history. Check the data more and look at [clove mother] more. I know fairly well that I am sure to be a what.

However, there is a kind of “right” in the world. The real problem is that after you have done these things in the eyes of your family, it is impossible to get away with it. Naturally, seven elder sisters and eight elder aunts will pull you to advise you to how, how, not how, how.

At this time, the first reaction must be to resist. However, the resistance is heavy and the family is sad. If the resistance is light, they will repeatedly find you and say that they also feel noisy. Therefore, how to deal with relatives has become a matter that must be considered:

1. Dealing with enlightened relatives-arguing for reasons

This kind of relatives had better be settled. Generally, they are parents with little age difference, such as sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who have good relations. They are easier to think about problems from the standpoint of the younger generation and communicate with each other.

When they were opposed, they showed them authoritative information and said: “Now the ideas are different, we have to talk about scientific principles, we can’t always talk about things that are groundless.” Basically, they can understand all these things in the end.

2. Dealing with gentle relatives-knowing with affection

This group is generally represented by aunts, menstruation and grandmothers. They are gentle, considerate and caring. They will call you on your way to work, in the process of work, on your way off work and at home at night to ask about your state, mood and emotion at this moment.

At this time, if she/he calls and says:

Don’t eat spicy food, don’t eat crabs! I heard your mother say, can’t be like this, for the sake of your child you have to endure it!

If you say righteously and righteously at this time, tell her/him that science is explained in this way, we have done a lot of investigations to prove that it is okay, etc., you may hear the trembling voice at the other end of the phone saying:

I am all for hello, I am this is this is this is this is this is love you, you know, aunt love you most, you must not eat ah, I know, you think I annoyed, but…

At this time, there may be a bewildering sob at the other end of the phone…

Therefore, when you meet such relatives, you must not argue with them, because when you are reasonable, they tell you their feelings. When you think you have said them, their tears can beat all your seemingly rigorous and impeccable logic in a second.

In case of such relatives, white lies are sometimes necessary to change tactics. It can be said that:

I know aunt, you love me the most, don’t listen to them, I didn’t eat much, next time I will definitely not eat, I listen to what you say! I am also very worried about you, next time I will come to see you…

Then began to think about how to change the topic, such as:

Huh? How’s my sister? Did the civil servants pass the examination?

3. Deal with arbitrary relatives-repair the plank road and hide behind the scenes.

Generally speaking, close elders such as a relatively lenient father, a relatively strict mother or an elder sister have watched you grow up naked since childhood. They all know that you move a little what’s mind, so the first two moves should be useless in front of them. At this time, [double-dealing] kung fu must be brought into full play to live up to the glory of your food.

When you eat at ordinary times, you must be resigned to the discipline or even reprimanded by your parents. However, when you are outside, you can be free from military orders outside. This move is naturally the most effective for strict parents.

As for their lesson, you just need to remember this-it is useless to say more, bow your head and admit your mistake, and never change it.


Summary: Husband’s Support Is Key

The struggle with [bear relatives] is written here for the time being. Of course, this struggle is a protracted war and a difficult positional war, so we need an ally who firmly supports you-that is, my husband, that is, my role!

If the wife’s ideas conflict with the elders in the family, the husband should stand upright in front of his parents, even his wife’s parents, to show his support for the wife. After all, the husband’s support is the wife’s greatest motivation.

Some life trivia may not be a big what event for some [straight male cancer] friends, but the sum up may cause heavy pressure on pregnant women. I think it is unfair to let them bear it alone.

For the sake of the harmony and happiness of the whole family, my husband’s efforts and support are worth it. At least, in our family, I will be responsible for balancing the quarrels between everyone because of different ideas, but I will also gently and firmly stand on my wife’s side.

Ordinary relatives will say: “You take care of your wife, don’t let her eat that thing!” ] I would say, [OK, I see], and then firmly say, [But my wife is happy, it’s not a big problem! ]