A Regrettable Story-About Schizophrenia

Four years in psychiatry, I have come to understand a group of people whose ability to live is impaired. Several diseases that are not understood. This group of patients [who can never go back to the past], It always evokes my deep sympathy. And among these patients, Most of them are [schizophrenia], That is, the public may be familiar with, But it is not really understood. Schizophrenia is a disease state proposed by psychiatrist Brueller in the 20th century. At present, the cause of the disease is not clear, Most of them are young adults aged 15-45, The lifetime prevalence rate of adults is about 1%. The clinical features of this disease include: Association disorder, affective apathy, lack of will and subsequent introversion, Angel, An 18-year-old young girl, Is one of the schizophrenic patients that I remember especially deeply. When I came to see a doctor, Angel’s symptoms are already typical. Because schizophrenia is usually a hidden onset, Angel’s mother didn’t detect her early symptoms in time. As far as her mother’s memory is concerned, Angel is clever, clever and sensible. Angel is her only angel. It’s like the sun. Two years ago, Angel has changed, Become emotionally sensitive, I always feel that someone is laughing at me behind my back. I had many disputes with my classmates. Mom thought it was just because Angel had no father. To be tricked by those [bad boys], So I chose to drop out of school for her. In fact, my mother didn’t know, Angel’s mental state at that time was called “relationship delusion”, It is one of the manifestations of schizophrenia’s thinking disorder. Angel, who dropped out of school and stayed at home, never wanted to leave the house again. She often asks who her father is. Her mother conceals the fact that Angel’s biological father committed suicide due to severe mental illness. He told a white lie. However, This sentence completely affected Angel’s future life. Angel began to surf the Internet all day long to study the prime ministers of various countries and the international situation. Later it gradually became the study of constellations, metaphysics, outer space, Mom thought it was just a way to pass her boring time. Until one day, Angel suddenly said she wasn’t from Earth, The priest’s voice can often be heard. Mother used it as a miraculous sign. To think that it was a sincere belief that made the priest manifest himself. In fact, Mom doesn’t know, Angel’s symptoms were called auditory hallucinations, It is one of the manifestations of schizophrenia’s sensory and perceptual impairment. A year ago, Angel’s mood became more and more unstable, Often beat his mother inexplicably, He kept hurling abuse at his mother, Saying that she was a witch and the murderer of her biological parents. Her behavior is becoming more and more incomprehensible. She claims to be a goddess from outer space, There is a super power to control her body, Can cast spells. The mother vaguely felt that her daughter might have the same disease as her father. But she resisted the conjecture, But would rather believe: Her fantastic world is only a fictional tool to relieve boredom. The absurd and unpredictable violence was possessed by ghosts and gods. In fact, Mom doesn’t know, At that time Angel had obvious delusions of non-lineage, delusions of victimization and passive experience of body. Her mental state is already very dangerous. Until two weeks ago, In order to prove that Angel has the ability to come back from the dead, Refused to eat, stayed up all night. Mother’s meticulous care and various superstitious activities, After failing to awaken her enchanted daughter, she panicked and brought her daughter to see a doctor. Angel was definitely diagnosed as [schizophrenia]. After 2 months of medication, physical therapy and psychological rehabilitation, Angel’s mental symptoms were partially relieved: she no longer refused to eat and her sleep improved significantly at night. Although she would still talk to herself to turn others into stones, she began to have a little doubt about the world in outer space. Although she would not call the woman [mother] who came to see her every day, she knew that the woman would not harm herself. Although she would shout for the priest to destroy the earth, But also will suddenly become quiet, ask why will come to hospital. However, I never expected, just when Angel’s mental symptoms gradually relieved, Angel’s mother questioned the doctor’s diagnosis of her and chose to interrupt the treatment. To this day, I still sigh with emotion: a teenage girl, because of schizophrenia, missed the beautiful opportunity originally belonging to her; An already incomplete family, because there is such a schizophrenic child, involved in a gloomy and hopeless whirlpool. I can’t help but regret to wonder: if Angel’s mother has a certain knowledge of mental illness, will she be able to identify Angel’s onset signs as soon as possible? If Angel could see a doctor as soon as possible, would her symptoms not develop so seriously? If we can actively cooperate or find a better treatment plan, will Angel’s treatment effect be better? Fortunately, negative teaching materials like Angel are rare in clinical work. With the media’s publicity of mental diseases, the awareness rate of [schizophrenia] is getting higher and higher. With the promulgation of the Mental Health Law, the rights of patients have been better protected by law. With the improvement of the medical security system, There is better financial support for the treatment of patients. I believe that the public will have more understanding and acceptance of patients with mental diseases, and the mental health construction service network will gradually improve and develop. There will be fewer and fewer regrettable stories like Angel and her mother. As psychiatrists, we still have a lot to do!