A self-control guide that teaches you to give up [self-control]

Have you ever met and hated some [self-control guides] late, wept bitterly, and ambitiously planned to start a grand [self-control plan], looking forward to [correcting the past]?

Then, a few weeks later, are you happy to find out: what, what, change, change, all, no, there, hair, life?

    You still didn’t refrain from getting up in the middle of the night to eat food taken late at night. You still haven’t finished the task of getting up early five days a week to memorize words. You still can’t help turning on the computer to watch Song Zhongji Oba drooling and licking the screen. … …

So today, let’s find another way out and try to solve the problem of self-control.

For example, give up self-control.

I didn’t come up with this method, but the American scholar Jonathan Bricker said it.