Adults were injured by firecrackers, what should I do?

What will happen after being injured by firecrackers?

Different degrees of open trauma or skin burns can be seen at the injured site.

What should I do if I am injured by firecrackers?

1. Eye injuries

Once the eyes are damaged, cover the injured eyes with clean towels or clothes and go to the hospital immediately.

If the eyes are swollen and painful locally and there is no open wound on the skin surface, wet compress with a cold towel.

If there is a foreign body flying into the eyes, let others open their eyelids and gently stick it out with clean cotton swabs.

Don’t rub your eyes with your hands! Rubbing may cause further damage.

Don’t rinse with water! Chemicals contained in firecrackers may react with water, causing acid and alkali burns to eyes.

2. Facial injuries

Facial injuries are mostly burns. After wiping with clean towels or clothes, rinse with a large amount of cold water immediately, and then go to the hospital immediately.

After being burned by firecrackers, don’t try to smear anything on your own, and don’t believe in [folk prescription].

3. Hand and foot injuries

If it is a burn, the treatment is the same as facial injury.

If accompanied by massive hemorrhage, stop the bleeding first. Tie the bleeding site near the end of the heart with a towel or cloth strip, raise the injured site, and go to the hospital immediately.

How to avoid being injured by firecrackers?

1. Control your children and don’t set off firecrackers. It is not only to protect yourself but also to protect your children.

2. Stay away from children who set off firecrackers: Children always throw them when playing with firecrackers, so there are also some injuries.