After 30 years of smoking, he finally gave up smoking by using these methods.

Editor’s Note:

Han Zengshan is a 30-year-old smoker. After the Spring Festival in 2012, he made up his mind to quit smoking. Naturally, the process was not so pleasant, but fortunately, Laohan persevered and successfully quit smoking.

Laohan was invited to write down his experience of quitting smoking, hoping to give some reference and encouragement to friends who want to quit smoking and are quitting smoking. He also hoped that those who are still smoking will make up their minds to quit smoking early.

The following is Laohan’s story of quitting smoking.

Make up your mind to quit smoking!

I started smoking when I was 19 years old, and I have been smoking for more than 30 years. When I was strong, I smoked one or two packs a day, and the smoke filled the room until the sky was dark. I can not care, but my family and colleagues in the same office are deeply affected.

Over the past few decades, [smoking addiction] has gradually encroached on my body and mind. Smoking has become a necessity of my life and a habit of life.

At first, I always thought it was no big deal to smoke a few cigarettes! However, hoarseness, more and more serious cough, repeated inflammation of tonsils, blackening of blackened and yellow teeth, and elevated blood sugar, blood pressure and lung diseases marked on several physical examination results suddenly made me realize that smoke is eroding my health, and smoke has eroded my health!

On February 8, 2012, coinciding with the initiative of the unit [to create a smoke-free unit], I decided to quit smoking again.

The process was not easy, but the result was gratifying.

The process of quitting smoking is not easy.

The first day was not bad and there was no big reaction, but when I opened my eyes the next day, my first thought was smoking, and my desire was stronger than before, especially after meals, smoking was stronger.

Then it is easy to feel sleepy, heavy eyelids and dysphoria, love sweating.

Because this time I made up my mind to quit completely and not to repeat it again and again. So I have been sticking to it. This time, I did not always rely on what’s smoking cessation sticker as before, and adopted the methods recommended by doctors such as drinking tea, exercising and eating chewing gum.

To my surprise, three weeks later, a miracle occurred-the situation of sweating, irritability and sleepiness improved greatly. When I took a walk in the morning, I obviously felt stronger. At the same time, the situation of expectoration and sore throat also improved greatly. In addition, I ate well, slept orderly, and my spirit was much better than when I just quit smoking, even when I smoked. This undoubtedly strengthened my confidence in quitting smoking.

However, monitoring oneself is on the one hand, and the influence of the surrounding environment will also affect the process of quitting smoking.

Acquaintances respect me for cigarettes, or see exquisite and gourmet cigarettes, will evoke a strong idea of taking a sip. At this time, I will not hesitate, usually hurriedly avoid, in the mind to tell myself [must insist, relapse is more harmful], in this way, incredibly refrain from every time.

From 12 years to now, for more than 4 years, I haven’t smoked any more. Looking back at the days when I quit smoking, I felt it was not easy, but fortunately I persevered.

A little bit of experience

Finally, as a [former person], I will leave you some specific experiences for reference.

  1. Determined to give up smoking, It’s not just a casual gesture, it’s a whim to quit. I made up my mind two months before the Spring Festival in 2012. To give up smoking completely, and let family members, friends and colleagues know their thoughts in advance, many people have given affirmation and given great support and encouragement in the process of quitting smoking afterwards. It is very important to make clear the purpose of quitting smoking and prepare for the withdrawal reaction in the early stage.
  2. Shift smoking tools, such as ashtrays and lighters, out of your sight, or simply throw them away like me.

  3. As far as possible, it is better to quit smoking and drinking together. Because I quit smoking once when I changed jobs in 2000, I couldn’t stand the temptation of my comrades and colleagues. I relapsed after drinking and failed to quit smoking for 40 days. When others handed you cigarettes, they resolutely refused [No, I have quit smoking] [Thank you, but I have made up my mind not to smoke.]
  4. Reduce the length of stay in smoking places; Avoid others smoking in front of themselves; Try to stay busy, even in leisure time-don’t create conditions for smoking.

  5. At the beginning of quitting smoking, one should think more about the harm of smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking. One should encourage oneself, praise oneself and adjust one’s mind.

  6. It is very difficult, but it is also very important to stick to it in the first 2 weeks of quitting smoking. If you get through it, you will win half of the battle. When smoking addiction comes up, you can use chewing gum and other snacks to occupy your mouth, go out for a walk after meals, and spend more time with non-smoking friends, etc., which can help suppress smoking addiction.

I hope these little experiences can be of some help to everyone.

After quitting smoking, I feel really good. I don’t have the annoying smell of smoke on my breathing and clothes any more. In public places, I don’t need to be rejected by others. More importantly, now I am breathing smoothly and in high spirits. I am really refreshed and comfortable!

Thanks to the encouragement of my relatives and friends, and thanks to my own persistence. I not only gave up smoking, but also, more importantly, defeated myself and strengthened my determination and courage to overcome all difficulties, which I did not think of before quitting smoking.

I am very proud of the success of quitting smoking.

Dr Clove said:

Laohan undoubtedly set a good example for everyone! If you are smoking, make up your mind to quit smoking earlier. Those friends who are insisting on quitting smoking, does this article give you any encouragement?