After cutting chili, your fingers are burning and painful? Here’s an ultimate solution

Perhaps everyone who has cut chili has cried bitterly for it. Always cut and cut, fingers begin to burn and ache. If you don’t touch your eyes carefully, who can stop the affectionate tears?

So, what should I do if my hand hurts after cutting chili? Today, Dr. Clove invited Dr. Chen Yulan to tell everyone about her love, hate, love and hatred with chili.

I really can’t eat spicy food. I hate spicy food and fear spicy food. In order to avoid spicy food, I have to carefully dig out the core of the green pepper and wash the seeds under the faucet.

However, since my lover went to Wuhan to study in university, he has been inseparable from chili since then. He began to suspect that I didn’t love him if he didn’t chop some chili for hot pot.

If you eat hot pot, you will rise to the height of love and ask if you are afraid!

Chop it. Chop it.

Before long, I felt my fingers were burning hot. This kind of spicy is generally unbearable, making people sweat on their foreheads. I subconsciously wiped the sweat on my forehead with my red fingers, and my eyes were full of tears because of a sudden burst of spicy.

I said to myself: This is love, I love deeply.

But then again, besides standing there silently crying, is there any way what can relieve the burning feeling of his fingers?

Rinse with water?

Turn on the faucet and rinse your hands with a large amount of clear water to temporarily cool your skin.

But seriously speaking, this method is not used in what.

Because the things in chili that make your fingers hot (professionally called [capsaicin]) do not dissolve in water, flushing with water will not shorten the time your fingers suffer. You should still be patient with all the capsaicin on your skin to beat your nerves one after another and then give up slowly.

However, the coolness brought by cooling with cold water can temporarily resist the burning sensation of fingers and make you feel better during the whole process.

It is also a choice when the situation is urgent. After all, it is so convenient. Whose kitchen will not have a faucet?

With oil?

Many people have had this experience. When eating chili is spicy and uncomfortable, eating a mouthful of cream ice cream will relieve it faster than drinking cold water.

This is because capsaicin is fat soluble, while cream ice cream has a high oil content, which can dissolve all capsaicin that has not been absorbed in the mouth.

However, if it is smeared on the skin, cream ice cream is so expensive and inconvenient to get at the first time, forget it. Peanut oil and olive oil, which bottle is the bottle you catch, can be wiped off with a cleaning rag after smearing it, and it is also a choice when the situation is urgent.

75% alcohol!

Although the oil can dissolve capsaicin, it feels not cool at all!

In fact, 75% alcohol is the best policy at home.

75% alcohol can not only be used to disinfect the surroundings of daily small wounds (such as needles, insect bites, newly punctured ear holes, pimples on hands, paper cuts on hands), but also dissolve capsaicin.

Yes! Capsaicin is easy to dissolve not only in oil but also in alcohol.

Moreover, alcohol, as a volatile liquid, will volatilize quickly after being applied to the skin surface, taking away the heat of the skin and making fingers feel cool, thus resisting the burning feeling caused by capsaicin.

In this regard, 75% alcohol is better than oil.

Of course, there is also an ultimate method… … …

Fingers are burning? Then, rub your eyes with your hand. Then you can’t take care of your hands.

Keep smiling.

In fact, when you do this, many problems are no longer problems.

Seriously… … …

Eyes cannot be washed with alcohol, oil drops or towels. The only way is to rinse with plenty of clean water.

If you are even afraid of water rushing into your eyes, then you have to stand in front of the table and cry. You look very reluctant to work or love your family.